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  1. if i use xoris and blood rush to get a high crit chance,then switch to Valkyr Talons(her exalted) will i maintain the blood rush buff or will it just go away? also if i do maintain the buff will it still last infinitely
  2. In any type of mission if i switch in and out of warframe/operator modes quickly i get glitched. The glitch doesnt allow me to shoot,use melee,abilities or switch to operator mode, only movement and interaction with items, but in free roam missions if i deploy my archwing the bug fixes itself, dying also works(not all the time), i've tried /unstuck and falling of the map but neither of them work. after i extract and go in any mission i'm no longer bugged. This becomes a big problem since i use energy based builds and have to use energizing dash, also my companion has stalk which makes me invi
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