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  1. Yep, Val is OP as bloody murder even when you just build her for duration/warcry. Put on some armor, unranked Life Strike on the weapon, cast warcry and go berserk-murdering the poor infested in all possible dark sectors for fun and profit.
  2. So, let's see (some personal bias may apply); Ash Shuriken damage is pretty useless (this and other claims about damage are from perspective of having a fully formaed Boltor Prime that deals 1000+ damage per shot before multishot); Invis' AoE stagger is nice, but so far as duration builds it's still less effective than Loki; TP is marginally useful, but not very much so in a game where there are constantly tons of targets to attack; Ult is better after recent buff, but its damage stops to matter after a while, so it's only useful if you're having fun in low-level infested missions (sla
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