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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Cache Reward Not Random After First Reward Given for Orphix Mission / (ie. Sebith's Duplicate Rewards) REPRODUCTION: Run an Orphix Mission on any Proxima (I've mostly ran Venus, Neptune and Pluto). It does not matter if you do the Cache at the beginning of the mission or at the end; just as long as you do the Cache. The first time you run the mission, the Cache reward will be random. However, every subsequent run of that same mission (without going to Dry Dock) will result in the same Cache Reward. I found this always occurs on Orphix missions. However, I
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: One of the Orphix Resonators spawned in a location I don't know how to get to. There's a good chance this isn't a bug, it's just that I don't know how to navigate the tile correctly? VISUAL: I was playing with the map overlay up, so it makes the screen a bit more confusing to see clearly. The Orphix Resonator indicator (red marker) seems as if it's pointing underneath the tile. The map overlay also has the red indicator with the little down arrow underneath it, indicating it's lower down. But, I really think I'm at the "bottom" of the tile.
  3. I would like to be able to max out my crew members competencies. Would it be possible to have a mechanic in the game that allowed for the crew members to earn competency points? I get a strong feeling that you've designed Railjack to be played with a group/squad. The bots are available if have to play solo for a little while, but the intention is to play with other players/Tenno. So, I feel that it might be against you're design to allow for players to improve the bots to a point where they might be better to play with than other Tenno.
  4. I wish I could start by saying some aspect was amazingly better, but nothing really jumped out to me in that way. and I can! The change to makes the derelicts consistently spawn on particular proxima's, and those derelicts always have a hackable station within them is great! That change removes 2 of the 3 RNG needed for a weapon drop, which is a great quality of life improvement! I am also getting used to the mission types and never ending spawns of corpus fighters, and I seem to be adjusting to it. Here are some old things and some new things that I'm experiencing: After a mis
  5. The new Intrinsics 2.0 seems to work pretty well for me. The one change that I'm struggling to grapple with is the inability to shoot and blow up Tether. I completely recognize that the change was most likely intentional because that ability was very powerful. I understand from a game design perspective that if one ability becomes used by the majority of players, and the other abilities don't get used, it indicates a balance problem. I also understand that you increased the strength of other abilities (like Seeker Volley) to make them more effective. I think I just really liked "Use Tether, Sh
  6. Hello, I'm pretty new to Warframe, so please take this with the understanding that I might be missing the bigger picture. (Also, sorry for not posting when you first asked for feedback; I know it's hard to implement an improvement when you're only told about it at the last minute.) Railjack Ideas An avionic to reduce the amount of time it takes to fire the forward artillery. At max rank, maybe half off the time. It would really help out in solo play, and I think in team play people would get used to the speed difference pretty quickly. An avionic to double the range of th
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