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  1. please DE hotfix this!! Invites now go through playstation network and not ingame unless you are on friends list! has ruined the flow of recruiting!!
  2. Sometimes warframe and companion animations intersect and pass through each other rendering the 'patting' unnatural and clunky. Is there a way to make the animation bounce of the walls of the character and pets bodies? I can see it would be hard to optimise the animations to be fluid and non-intersecting with warframe armour/weapons and attachments being so varied.
  3. -The Index:Endurance mission, sometimes when the match is finished, in between loading screens for summary, opening start menu can pull you out of loading screen and leave you in the mission with no ability but to quit application to leave. -The Index:Endurance mission, similarly not being able to close the summary menu after finishing them mission causing you to be stuck there without exit option. Triggering start menu pulls you back to orbiter. Doing to early triggers the above. No rewards are lost in this bug. (Will supply screenshot later)
  4. No edits. PS4 Warframe "It's good to be home" hope you enjoy this pic as much as i enjoyed the communities :) https://imgur.com/V0WK0Kh
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