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  1. Baruuk's my current favorite. I love his theme and his powers! First Frame, I put an Umbra on, almost play him daily. I started to play & learn Gauss and really like him as well. Also Protea, Equinox, Ivara, Nezha and Volt are amongst my favorite frames. I'm still a newb, so I don't have all the frames yet..
  2. What exactly would you consider "too finicky" about him? Usually I start with Desolate Hands, then I run into a mob, cast Lull a couple times (neg duration makes this super efficient) and activate his Desert Wind. From there on, everything just dies, literally gets obliterated. Baruuk is a god damn beast in SP, he basically seems to be designed for this type of Content. In lower levels he doesn't shine as much, cause the return on his Restraint works in a somewhat different ratio. Maybe it's good he stays low profile, so he doesnt get too much attention.
  3. What else could I add that a) has not already been said and b) that would change anything to the situation? As @[DE]Danielle put it in the monday's evening stream: DE understands the frustration of us consoleros and they want to bring the update asap. All is said, really.. and your efforts in all honor @(PSN)Rainbow_Neos1 it is clear to my eye that you act in good faith, intending to ease concerns. Problem of today is, many people want to be concerned because they lack in other things in their life, and beeing concerned and beeing able to shout and scream gives them a sens
  4. Manage your disappointment! Holy cow! Are you an infantile? Have you never witnessed disappointment? Life is full of disappointment, get over it! Btw, we are witnessing the biggest health crisis ever, this pandemic is far from over and still developing. Somethings just suffer from that.. besides lifes and fates and whatever, professional business is affected as well - all over the bloody globe. Are you blind on two eyes? I can only watch in disbelief how entitled some people are, as if DE were there own private game development company...seriously.
  5. @(PSN)Rainbow_Neos1 don't feed the troll, they're only trying to waste your time.
  6. Currently, it's quite unclear. DE let us consoleros know, that update is "in dev". What that means exactly, no one knows. All is speculation. Some expect the update not before end of this month.. nothing you can do really but wait and see..
  7. Yeah, just found this today: It seems the changes will eventually also come to consoles, it just takes a tad longer because of the QA processes and stuff. Good, then I'll focus on other things and will pick this up in jan/feb next year. Have a nice day Tenno!
  8. Thanks for your reply. At this moment, I am just confused because I remembered DE took notice of the PC Feedbacks and already employed the update to them. Why was the Console Update even released with that issue and why didn't they adress it right away? Guess only DE knows and we have to be a little more patient.. Good, there are other things to do ;)
  9. On PC, I learned that the players do not need to repeat the first three isolation vaults in order to get access to the new missions. On consoles (PS), it seems this is still required.. why is that so? And when will consoles receive the update to directly access the new missions after completing the basic vaults one time only? Thanks for help!
  10. Folks, I was just informed that there is a bugfix released currently for this issue. You might wanna check the early access beta programm for the app in the play store.. apparently the new version is already available from there. Good luck Tenno ;) [UDPATE] Play store says it's still registering me for the beta programm. Meanwhile I tried to install the app and whooosh it works by now! Login succesfull, all content is available. Thank you [DE] 😍
  11. I am having the exact same issue. Mobile is: Google Pixel 4a, latest software updates per today 5th nov 2020 are done. I start the WF app and I would need to login with my PS4 account credentials. Upon clicking login button, it brings me to a sort of blank screen with Sony logo on the top and no option to login. When I click on login by xbox or switch, the app would lead me to the corresponding logon sites, but not so with PS. Hope this gets fixed soon.
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