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  1. alright i got some ideas on how to beef up the sniper and bow selections because i find them both lacking in quantity and quality im making these mostly vague on purpose so you can imagine your own stats just give a yay or nay or not, its your evening. SNIPERS: 50cal- as the name suggests its a big gun with a big bullet and big damage. at the get go. full piercing. explosion: shoots a bullet that explodes on impact. no piercing, just all the damage types. fungun: sniper that actually has a 1meter wide bullet and ragdolls enemies like its nothing, and you get multiple shots. thing is, the effect only happens after 25m. before that, its just a regular gun. nothing but net: sniper that has 0% recoil. Zero. decent fire rate, decent mag size, suffers in other areas. BOWS: 3way: fires 3 arrows for the price of one in equal 15 degree angles. multishot is going to be fun on this one. bouncycastle: the arrow ricochets 10 times if fully charged. less damage and status each time. multishot applies only from bow to the first impact, only the original arrow bounces. blastback: arrow fires normally, but after it fully comes to rest, a bullet is blasted back on the original path. used for sneaky backshots. tar'n feather: crossbow that fires a exceedingly heavy grenade arrow that dowses a area in a mighty cold proc.
  2. Acceletra, ignis wraith, kiva nukor, quellor, anything with aoe and good reloads.
  3. i checked by first message and detected no threats, no bad language, just a genuine question based on my (at the time, incomplete/mistaken) knowledge. so get lost with telling people to get lost chill.
  4. bruh i asked this after noon on the 2nd, im just wondering where they are ok maybe i mis-remembered? dont crucify me! frick! its a mistake let me go!
  5. i was just asking i heard rebecca say it was coming april, so i was just asking god over half the people are just blowing this out of proportion jeeze chill
  6. in the devstream 153, rebecca said that the anniversary alerts are going to be pushed to april, (but) the rhino skin would be avalible as soon as you log in in april. its april now....and where is the rhino skin?
  7. I'm not sure if we can trust her. On one hand,she's corpus affiliated. On the other, she's a ship captain, not a suit or a secretary. And then there's that humming. It reminds me so much of fortuna. And the reason: why? Why is her ship burning? Why seek the tempestarii?
  8. Title. I'm think shred, but fury could be quite nice for having a few weapons that need that little extra ooph. But vigor might be good for my harrow....
  9. Hello, i have a spare Athodai BP, and you possibly have a spare barrel. we trade. we both go home happy. pm me in game if interested. i dont want platinum, i want a barrel.
  10. i can now confirm this: the rotation B drop cache is tied to the loot cave, not the point of interest. i looted the cave once, and made a point not to search the POI. i got a athodai BP from it. you can safely ignore POI if you hunting for rotation B drops exclusively.
  11. im reading the drop tables and im trying to get the athodai. i just have a quick question about caches- they are the loot caves with the white marker right? NOT any secondary objectives? as in- if i have the ability to ignore the secondary objectives, should i?
  12. Apoc and carcinox are still great, ive experienced the tayln and it's nice. Many, many people are talking about the glazio with it's 1shot capacity. One thing I should mention: the laithe. It's fun at first.... But it overheats too fast.
  13. Is it always the same character for each one? I'm seeing the exact same gender characters Red veil male Arbiters male Perrin male Lola female Suda female Meridian female I'm only seeing those. Anyone else different?
  14. Considering the theme of the frame, we are going to have a ghost ship story in the form of railjack.
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