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  1. thanks for the example, it made it really easy to understand. well, the mods in the game are Hella powerful already, so i shouldn't have any problem upgrading strun prime to god tier, even if the riven dispo is low. hell, in 1 or 2 updates i bet it will go up a level. Hell, even if it doesn't, a riven is still a riven.
  2. hey yall, i have a small question about riven disposition how does it actually effect the stats on a riven? like, does a new weapon bring the stats down across the board, or do the stats actually change when put on a weapon? i ask this because a while back i got a strun riven. i didn't think much of it, but thought i would be using it in the future, so i kept it. then strun prime releases and oh boy, a even better strun? sign me up! i thought id be using my riven on it, but realized strun prime has a low disposition. how does that translate to my mod i obtained before the strun prime released? can you give me a example?
  3. id like a infested assault saw. either a creature that we are just barely wrangling that eats and chews everything, or a ghoul saw that it self is infested that has innate toxin or viral just DRIPPING off of it.
  4. for the AI crew members, any rapid fire turret will work, but for yourself, i go with a good quality laith, it sends out a large heap of flak that just shreds anything and everything. (gunnery intrinsic 9 comes into play here, once it overheats, i just say "no, its not overheating.") although any gun you personally want is always good. except the short range cryptophon. just dont. remember, after a long time fighting and acquiring scraps and spares, remember to use valence fusion! you have that at your disposal! you can turn your fair guns into god killers. works for the other stuff too, beef up your armor and reactors, become the terror from the void you were born to be.
  5. thank you. it feels great, as a newcomer i was very intimidated on the amount of choice, but i always wondered what everything felt like. the next thing, would be making the ideal steel path team, and clearing the starchart all over again, ending with a wave 20 mot. SOLO.
  6. I used multiple frames to farm the relics for equinox prime. for what weapons for equinox themselves, id recommend a longer range weapon than short or medium, they are more about casting their 2 and reaping the benefits from afar. but honestly i mostly use night mode equinox; they just feel easier.
  7. I posted this on reddit, but turns out the warframe reddit doesn't allow AMAs. so ill just do it here. hey everyone. I've intended this for new players, but vets can ask questions too. just as a note before you ask: I HAVE NOT SPENT PLATINUM ON ANY FRAME. they all came out of the EZ bake oven. I had to grind for them all, prime relics, or basic. I consider the normal and primed variants of frames the same frame. technically I haven't played as equinox, but I've played as equinox prime. its going to be the same experience. don't like it? go cry about it. the only difference is a very small stat change. I don't have all of them right now. slots cost platinum. any frame I've mastered, and didn't need/want anymore I feed to the chungus wall.
  8. Hey, I was just playing around with a few friends and we came up with a potential hydroid rework while leveling stuff, and I wanted to submit it here before I put it in the warframe feedback channel properly so I can make a more concrete and definitive suggestion. the idea came from the youtuber tiburos' idea of a grappler frame while he was discussing Grendel. My idea of hydroid would be incorporating a "close-and-personal" fighting style that benefits hydroid's "pirate" theme, while retaining the crowd control aspect of his gear set. and that idea is 2 major skill changes, ones I think will benefit the character for the better, as well as just making him far more fun to play, and another major-ish change that I believe the community would agree with. I think the best way to present this idea is just to list out the respective abilities for you all to look over and provide constructive criticism on. please understand, my goal, as well as yours, is to IMPROVE hydroid for the better, not simply say one version is better than the other, or to outright dismiss anything. please be respectful when offering advice or feedback, and please point out exactly what you feel needs improvement, change, or preservation. Before you read, Id just like to state: the way hydroid works, in my eyes, is that he achieves crowd control via knockdown or similar effects. if you don't agree, simply tell me. I'm open to ideas on how hydoid works. ABILITY 1: Tempest Barrage; The same ability as before, but with a increased amount of projectiles .the amount of projectiles could be adjusted with either power strength or duration. this ability's use is for using knockback to stop any combatants from engaging you via knocking them down, pushing them, or possibly killing them. while its not a ability supposed to cause damage, it can provide a area with a decent amount of coverage for a time where hydroid or any teammate can move and attack ragdolled enemies. I also wanted to keep the helminth system intact so a change to hydroid wont effect other players who don't play as him, but still like his infusion skill. ABILITY 2: Harpoon; Replacing the tidal surge ability, hydroid will throw a harpoon with a distance based on ability range, that- hit its a target (that should not be classified as super heavy, such as a infested behemoth, nox, etc. [or maybe it should?]) hydroid will utilize said enemy as a flail, dealing damage at medium to short range, slamming them into the ground up to 3 times if the ability is recasted repeatedly if the harpoon is still "tethered", dealing damage based on either enemy level or maximum enemy health, applying either knockdown or levitation on area. this ability should be used as a larger group CC + attack, allowing teammates to close in and slaughter stragglers or still disrupted enemies. I chose to replace the tidal surge ability completely as it did not serve as a effective CC skill if you didn't have a wall to crash into. its a good movement skill, but hydroid isn't about movement. ABILITY 3: Hook; Replacing the undertow pool ability, hydroid manifests a hook and lunges forwards and grabs a enemy or enemies with a semi circular swing of his hook. after obtaining a enemy or 3, hydroid throws them forward as a water-infused projectile, dealing damage based on enemy health or level. the projectile itself shall also provide the knockdown or knockback effect, possibly reducing enemy speed. this skill is about providing the grappler aspect in a far more direct form than the harpoon skill, as well as to play into Digital Extremes' "pirate" theme they love to have for hydroid, despite what some players think. speaking of his theme, as well to address the undertow ability.... ABILITY 4: Tentacle Swarm; Tap to spawn watery tentacles from all nearby surfaces to wreak havoc, as before, but in this version of the ability, after putting down a field of tentacles, while standing in a field, holding the cast key allows hydroid to BECOME the kraken, spawning more tentacles, and combining the previous undertow ability to target and drag (or smash) enemies manually with extra range for doing so, at the downside of either reduced movement or the inability to move, and the inability to obtain energy via orbs, Zenurik dash, or energy restores. As before, it should deal damage scaling off enemy health or level. as with the undertow ability, the player will not take damage as long as the ability is in effect. hold the cast key again to disable the kraken mode manually. Agree with me saying ultimates should feel like ULTIMATES. the undertow ability is unique by giving hydroid the ability to outright not take damage, and disable a medium to large group of enemies for a while, and to cause damage to them. however, its boring. simply standing around waiting to consume hapless enemies or slowly making your way to them is not exciting, at all. combining it with tentacle swarm however, would combine it with the kraken. most people identify hydroid not as a "pirate", but the "kraken", so why not feed into that, at least a little bit? besides, as a child, who hasn't pretended they were a sea monster in the bathtub when playing with their toys? there's also the game side of things, duration, strength, everything would be considered when preforming this ability to the fullest. for the player, its a high cost- high reward type of action the player can choose to take. as for the loss of movement and power generation? its a balancing act considering you dont take damage as the kraken and are able to deal damage. also if teammates are able to just feed you energy to the point where you can stay in the form indefinitely, it would become boring and a dominate strategy, allowing hydroid to simply occupy a large area permanently, controlling enemies with constant tentacle torture. lets not make another frame that just trivializes the game. cough, Octavia, cough.
  9. i got my on call crew with the accletra and the other 2 have the kuva nukor and ignis wraith. i know its super basic, but hey, lets agree that NPC AI isnt really that smart at figuring the most optimal way to use a gun. just give them something that is dirt easy to use and kill with. pretend you yourself are a absolute beginner, try things in simulacrim, and just go for it.
  10. hey. casual topic here. long story short, im doing a big thing, and im getting Netflix to reward myself. and to prep for that, im collecting as many recommendations as i can. ive gotten back into warframe after a few month hiatus, and im loving the story and characters again. anyone got any recommendations that have a warframe like feel?
  11. hey, ive been out of warframe for roughly 2-3 months, had stuff to do. i got my tombfinger kitgun out and started blasting some corpus liches when i notice that there seems to be a trail- almost like fireworks- of embers falling from the projectile's path. has particle effects been changed?
  12. you have to make sure you have a full charge. by killing 3 specters with the xoris (and absorbing their "ghosts" afterwards) you should see near your aiming reticle 3 GOLDEN stars. that means you are fully charged, and when you manually trigger a glaive explosion mid air with the xoris, a large shockwave will shoot out. do this near a floating prisoner to free them.
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