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  1. every time i see a mining node, i laser and then bapholite. bapholite everywhere, taunting me, constantly reapearing every time i decide to torture myself to collect thaumica. bapholite ,bapholite, bapholite, the most plentiful mineral, everywhere. caves, out in the open, on the floor, the walls, the ceiling, bapholite. IS ANYONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM?
  2. Hey there yall. with the next railjack update including the command intrinsic, i think you know what its time to do. get a kuva lich slave follower. i havent converted any liches ive got since i like the weapons so much, (and i havent been emphera hunting yet) so, i have no followers. id just like to ask the tenno out there who have converted 1 or more liches, whats the best weapon for them? i plan on converting atleast 1, so even if you dont like railjack, its still a valid question.
  3. To the people who had the unfortunate fate of being my teammates, I would like to apologize. I did in no way think the Wolf of Saturn Six would be THAT bad. I solemnly give my word, that I will never, EVER do that again. Anytime baro shows up with that in his inventory, I will show him the door. im sorry.
  4. in the grineer freeroam area on earth, heavy grineer gunners start off with grattlers in their hands. this can do insane amounts of damage before they switch over to something like a gorgon. how the heck do you stop them from spawning. i cant defend anything if 1 grattler can wipe 20k health in a second. yes im butt hurt. no, i wont get over it, not untill i know how to deal with them,
  5. Hello everyone, I'm just honestly wondering about converting your lich. I have not found many people talking about it, and any lich guide I find, they basically brush the topic off and start talking about the weapons. I would just like to understand what EXACTLY happens, yeah I know you "get your lich as a specter" but what does that MEAN? do you summon them? are they a gear item? how many times can they be used? can you have multiple? what happens to the old one? are there ways of customizing your lich? I know the weapons are super tempting, but guys, I want to know I'm no
  6. everyone, id like to thank you all for your advice. my main line of thinking was that if all infested were dead, that the VIPs would be safe, but with the sheer amount of them, that strategy would not work. thanks you all for helping me realize more strategies that involve less resistance. well, here i go off farming for harrow. rap tap TAP.
  7. I need tips to kill a LOT of infested and certain heavy armor units by myself. Im doing the horrid task of farming the defection missions. I have fully accepted that ill be doing this solo. embraced it, even. but even with all the solo bonuses, the sheer amount of flesh to shoot can overwhelm the squad I am protecting. I understand gas and fire is the way to go, but I cant seem to generate any meaningful killing zones from gas, and fire is *kinda* helpful, but they aren't knocking down the bodies fast enough. i have tried using the amprex to spread out damage, however it wont tr
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