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  1. Hey so not actually related to Update 30 or if it's all platforms or just PS4, but I did find a pretty huge bug. How huge? Huge enough to cause a softlock. So I was replaying The War Within, and on the second visit to the mountain pass, you know that Ayatan door platforming puzzle? Yeah. Once you pass through, DO NOT TRY TO BACKTRACK. You'll get stuck in the door, and /unstuck plops you right back in the room with the Ayatan. Except now, the door is closed, and it can't be opened even if you power the Ayatan again. Now you may be wondering "How this is a softlock if you can just abort the
  2. Will we get to keep the necramech for this, or will we still have to deal with the painful RNG?
  3. Here we are again with yet another complaint about Inaros, but rather than the usual "Inaros bad" or "Inaros needs a rework" it's actually much different. So recently I was doing a survival run in Mot and I did the thing that Inaros players aren't supposed to do: enter bleed out. And a usual, I bled out. It's less of a problem with Inaros, and more of a problem with True Damage. True Damage is supposed to ignore enemy armor, however while this is the case, the damage dealt by Inaros' Gaze while in bleed out absolutely has to scale with enemy level rather than ability strength. His passive
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