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  1. So this happened to me last night, I thought my teammate didnt complete the other actions and we were still able to go in the ship to fight the sister lich, so maybe that was why, then i solo’d it, and i still coulnt finish the mission, it still said to enter the ship after extracting. Then I restarted the game and switch, and tried again today with some other people, now, I’m not sure if it was because I beat the lich before and assassinated her already, but this time it wouldn’t let me assassinate her, then after she left, none of us could extract and finish the mission. Please fix this issue as soon as possible. Also, this lich has an ephemera I want, so it would suck if I for some reason cant get it because of the bug. Thank you!
  2. Lavos armor tubes and syandana has NO liquid in them. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE, I THINK IT WOULD LOOK COOL!!!!! This is for the Nintendo Switch. please and thank you!!!!! Have a lovely rest of your week! 😃☀️
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