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  1. Fellow occasional wallet opener here. This just seems like a surefire way to skyrocket the prices of items to me, while it may not seriously reduce the amount of items being sold it will still reduce them, the experiaced players holding the rarer parts will be sitting pretty while the new players you are so chivalrousy trying to protect will be scammed far harder than they presumably are now. Also no one forced them to sell the item before checking the price with a simple Google search. There is a mutual agreement to a trade and if both parties accept it is their responsibility to make sure that the trade is to their liking, hence them accepting. To add to this I've had one or two moments where the guy that I sold to started selling the item I traded for more Plat, and I don't mind, he/she just showed me the correct price, I still have the amount of plat that I agreed to and sold the item for, I was given a valuable life lesson on trade and I like to think I'm better off for it. Tldr: This system seems like it will jack prices up due to certain item rarity as they will be fewer in number. when I see an item I sold being resold I make a note of its price and take it as a life lesson, also remember to check the price next time(Google or clan mates) and remember that, after all, no one forced me to choose that price and accept the trade, was all me!
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