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  1. Few other posts about it too, thanks for adding yours. The more noise we make, the better!
  2. All we can really hope for is that they even bother to responding to this. It's rare that they seem to care about 'trivial' stuff like this. This is why I believe the more noise we can make, the better.
  3. Also, say something on my post on reddit. The more noise we make the better.
  4. Here is my post about it. It's so bad, if you actually used glaive a lot before this patch, it's INSTANTLY NOTICEABLE how broken it is now
  5. I strictly use glaives, so the difference was immediately noticeable. I'll be referring to the linking of throws, or queuing up of the next throw, as 'priming' or 'loading'. The mechanics of this priming have been changed, in an unintended way, hopefully. Before this patch, a flying glaive would complete it's flight path, if not exploded with your heavy attack, and upon returning to you the next throw would initiate. This is no longer the case. Now if your glaive is in flight and you prime your next throw, the glaive cancels itself and instantly returns and initiates your next throw. Before this patch, an exploded glaive would initiate your next throw if you were priming it. This is barely the case now. Now, exploding the glaive has a noticeable hitch, it's very similar to trying to chain throws on a laggy host. The fluidity of chaining throws and exploding them is COMPLETELY GONE. You can half the time get your 2nd and 3rd chained throw to work properly, but never past the 3rd chain. If exploding your glaives in flight, you CANNOT fluidly chain past 3 throws. This is what I've noticed in my ~15 minutes of playing at 10pm-ish EST. It is so borked now, that I had to stop and write this. Like, it's honestly ruined the flow of glaive combat. This is the 'fix' that, I believe, has somehow completely ruined the flow of glaive combat. Fixed getting stuck in a Glaive throwing loop when using a Glaive that's modded for high Attack Speed.
  6. We have gotten a response 1 day ago...on reddit. Not here in their own forums...instant reply yesterday on reddit. nice Response here.
  7. Well we have gotten a response......on reddit....1 day ago....instant response, not on their own forums...... Dev response here.
  8. The best option would be fixing what happened. This didn't used to be an issue before the patch. My fully forma prime modded Smeeta is dying in Lith / Meso relics....that is retarded.
  9. TLDR: pet AI has changed drastically, making them die constantly. thread 1 thread 2 These two threads linked above include more than enough information detailing the extent of what has happened. They also show there are more than enough people describing the same issues for this to be considered wide spread...a........petdemic if you will. It's so wide spread, that I would bet if you don't think this affects you, I would challenge you to pay attention to your Kavat or Kubrow while you play from this point on. You WILL notice them dying significantly more than before the rail jack patch. Once you do, start watching them on your maps while playing, and you'll see what is being described. The pets that ARE affected seem to be Kavat's and Kubrows. Something with their aggression/aggro, or the 'leashing' mechanic where they teleport back to you after a certain distance, as it has been coined... has been simply, broken. It does NOT seem to affect Celestial Twins/Specters/MOAs/Sentinals/Excalibur AI (I may be missing a couple things). I honestly don't want to waste even more time explaining any more, there is a PLETHORA of evidence and descriptions of what's going on already. Getting not even a nod from the devs about this issue, which literally makes the most useful companions LESS THAN WORTHLESS, is beyond frustrating.
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