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  1. Carcinus Speargun Skin is still bugged since Deimos Arcana update. It is stuck in its collapsed position when swapped to from another weapon and also when picked up after thrown. This skin was 250 plat purchase, please fix this as it interferes with some of the idle and static animations.
  2. Carcinus Speargun Skin is still broken, it does not extend from its collapsed form when you switch to it from another weapon or when you pick it up. It ruins a few Idle and Static animations / poses. Please guys, this was a 250 plat purchase...
  3. Carcinus Speargun Skin is still acting wonky, it won't extend from its collapsed form when switching from another weapon or when picking it up after thrown. This messes with some of the animations, both static and idle. PLEASE, this is a 250 platinum item due to it being only being available as a bundle purchase.
  4. Carcinus Speargun skin is still bugged. It does not extend from its collapsed form when you switch to it outside of using the weapon swap key. https://streamable.com/8ostlq
  5. Carcinus Speargun skin is broken. It does not expand when swapping to it from another weapon. You have to swap out, then back to the Speargun using the weapon swap key, otherwise it stays in its collapsed form, and this applies to when it is thrown and picked up. It messes with the Warframe Poses and Idle Animations. https://streamable.com/8ostlq
  6. Carcinus skin is broken again after one of the hotfixes. Speargun no longer expands when re-equiping from a melee weapon. Drawing it keeps it in its shrunken form, as does throwing the speargun and picking it up. You need to swap out then back to the gun using the Weapon Swap key: https://streamable.com/8ostlq
  7. I've made a more comprehensive video fully detailing what is happening. Also of note, the Carcinus acts the way it did when in Neutral Zones such as Cetus and Orbiters (my own and aboard others), and when you transition from the safe zones into the Free Roam areas. https://streamable.com/8ostlq
  8. This started happening after one of the hotfixes for Deimos Arcana, i believe the 2nd one (uncertain). This was definitely not how the skin was advertised, and i had been using it before the Deimos Arcana update. It does not extend from its collapsed form if quick swapped. You must fire the weapon to revert it back to its original size, or swap out, then back to the speargun using the qeapon swap key. This is unpleasant, as this cost 250 platinum to purchase as it is only available in a bundle and is now broken. here is video evidence. Taken in Captura, but accurately reflects the bug in
  9. i had changed the keybinds to the Shawzin prior to getting Octavia, and used the 4 key, and now it simply shows <shawzin_step_sequencer> Octavia's Mallet. Resetting to defaults did not work, and reinstalling the game still saved the keybinds. I read this was a bug but have not found any solutions.
  10. A throwing Spear. Probably use the stave or polearm stance (or even have a brand new stance you can optionally use). Alt fire or Heavy attack can be a spear throw that acts similarly to the Javlok, but can also impale and immobilize groups.
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