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  1. It was still working on PS4 up until this most recent patch. Please make this a priority!
  2. I am very disappointed with the change that was made to the Conquera Syandana. I completely understand that the purpose of the ribbon inspired syandana was to represent the breast cancer awareness ribbon. The efforts made by our community and DE do not go unnoticed and this event was incredible. However, there are a multitude of other syndromes, diseases, and issues that do not get the much needed attention that they deserve as well. This doesn't dimish what was done to raise an incredible amount of support for breast cancer research, but what about the other awareness ribbons that were able t
  3. This happens on PS4. Always when k drive is deployed.
  4. Every time my husband and I are doing bounties in Orb Vallis and he pulls out his K Drive he falls through the map. He will try the /unstuck which doesn’t work. It happens consistently. Can this please be looked into? It’s making Fortuna and K Drives pretty unbearable.
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