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  1. To be fair, it could be it could be made so it work. Get the impostors, every non-impostor alive get 3X resources and affinity. Dead ones get 2X. The impostors wins ? THEY get 3X resources and affinity. Or 2X if dead. And everyone get at least once what they had. And it's its own version of the node, like void storms, so you don't have to do it if you don't want to gamble. Would I play it ? I don't think so, nor I think it should be implemented at all. But to say the idea is automatically bad "because X" is the kind of things I hate.
  2. "le froid si-bas" serait plus juste. Personnellement j'ai traduit en "les froid tréfonds"
  3. Oh my, the origin of one of the best Tennogen Syandana. Didn't think I would stumble upon it one day.
  4. Aside for that one thing, no I had no plan to. I actually haven't started on designing the body, I only have the helmet, and it's a rather big WIP for now.
  5. I wish to design a skin for Revenant (being on my mind for a while), and then get someone to model it, but I don't know much about the rules for tennogen design. So I'd like to hear them so I do not bother someone for nothing. (I know about the "no human feature" and "no copyright infringement" ones, and I do take in account the fact he need Primary, secondary, tertiary, accent, emissive, and energy colors) I also have a few more specific questions : Can we have Orokin language on the skin spelling the name of an historical/mythologic figure ? Similarly, if I design a skin for a
  6. Yes it would for him as well. Although the purpose is mostly to become a team healer.
  7. Just some random ideas : Caduceus of Transfusion : (Ophidian bite augment) cool-down reduced to 4s. If used on an ally, Lavos' health is drained to heal him. If the ally posses any debuffs, they are transferred to Lavos. Additionally, a 26% elemental (toxin + infused element) damage bonus is given to the ally for 30s. Vial of Hygieia : (Vial Rush augment) Cool-down augmented to 8s. The trail of vial rush now heals allies for five seconds (or indefinitely if they stay in the trail) at 5% of their total health per second. Additionally, they gain an immunity to elemental (co
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