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  1. Every time I use him. Which is about 59% of the time. I'm against them removing the Helios trick, but dissing Exalted weapons, especially Wukong's, is a no for me. Hell, Wukong need only Hunter Adrenaline as an energy mod and he can use the stick for as long as there's enemies around (which is never for long). I'm even thinking of going with -30 efficiency (or even more once I finally forma him), and run one of his augments instead.
  2. I don't use the Helios as a stat stick trick, but I think it was a neat trick. It was the thing to turn into a feature for advanced players, at least with the mods having a bonus effect like the Gladiator set.
  3. Blood rush was first an "Acolytes mods", it dropped first from Acolytes, which appeared temporary within their dedicated event. I'm well aware that nowadays it drop from Deimos, this is how I first got it, but firstly it dropped from that, which is what I was referencing. Like the Acolytes Mods ! Even nowadays if you want to have them, you need to deal with Deimos' drop chance (or farm like a madman seven enemy for condition overload, most being once again on Deimos). Buying mods from the Steel Path store in comparison is a lot less work But I get it, the problem is that you need to deal with Steel Path. . . Which is not the case anymore since they moved the mods to Arbitration. Which is one mission on the regular chart star but with some buff to specific equipment, and some drones you have to shoot from time to time (although the currency is more difficult to farm). . . So the problem is now void. (although I think they should put it in both). Although, said grind can be resolved by buying them from players anyway. I don't dread melee per say, but it's pretty fun without it. But there's no one who truly dread melee anyway, so even without the previous point, there's was no real problem with "the grind wall". You only had to do two or three missions with only melee to get the new mods, it's really nothing bad. (Compare to Berserker, which demand you to either do a lot of void fissure, or that you do a junction over an over again... 0,6% drop chance is not much. Although the sister may make it easier to get) Here, I'm going to once again use your logic against you : it is ok to criticize a game you like, but look in the mirror and ask yourself if it's worth to criticize something that is fundamentally out of touch with the reality of the game you like. You complain about a grind wall for the new mods, but the mods that were nerfed were ALSO behind a grind wall, one arguably worse due to them being on low drop chance rather than in a store. And if you try to tell me in the end there's no real "buff" to guns because it's only mods that changes, you also have to consider there's no "nerf" to melee because the only thing that changes is mods (excepts for Glaives' quick throw. But, you know, they're Glaives' quick throw...). Basically you're trying to make a separation that isn't there. Both are behind grind walls, and the chance that you get Berserker or Condition Overload without grinding specifically for them is slim. And buying them from other players is something that so far, can also apply to the Galvanized mods (I see no reason for them to not be available for trading... but then again I see no reason with the Amalgam ones either. But since they never specified, I assume we will be able to trade them). And that whole argumentation can also apply to the Kuva Nukor (specifically for a melee primer). That aside, I have no problem in agreeing that the mods were fine as is. But that in the end the nerfs will have little impact. (as you said : "melee stil go brrrr"). Good day to you as well.
  4. Yes buffs. Or else you also have to apply this logic to the mods they nerfed. After all, you went out of your way to farm them in the first place, don't you ? Same things with those new mods, except they aren't locked behind a temporary event.
  5. I don't know if you already got your answer, but how it works is that if two mod have the same name (Galvanized Hell and Hell's Chamber, or Pressure Point and Sacrificial Pressure for example) they cannot stack. However, you can stack mods with similar attribute if they have different names, for example Lethal Torrent and Barrel Diffusion both bring Multishot, and can be stacked. So you can't Stack Galvanized Hell and Hell's Chamber, but you can stack Galvanized Hell and Vigilante Armament.
  6. May I bring a suggestion ? Put them in both. It will allow players to choose their favorite game mode, while still allowing people to access them outside of Steel Path. And if they are on rotations, please put different ones in each. That aside, neat.
  7. To be frank, thoses arcanes seem to be on their own table, and their farm is quite linked to steel essence (which is going to be made faster). So this peculiar case seem to be alright, unless you already farmed 3000+ SE. But in which case, please do take a break.
  8. This concerns two bugs that I keep having in Railjack The first one is simply that no fighters will spawn at some point in Grineer skirmish. As I write this, I am currently waiting, having killed 58 out of 91 fighters, yet completed all the other objectives, including the Orokin dereclit. They do seem to reappear after some time (about 20 to 30 minutes), but the wait is quite annoying. The second one, is that my second crewmate (the one in the middle), is simply stuck in gunnery. Which is problematic since I use her as a pilot while I am on another objective. From my test, only this particular crewmate is stuck, and she does seem to often take the upper turrets. Thank you for your time.
  9. Hi, I won her prime access on the charity stream, and I sent a whisper, but I didn't received any confirmation, nor I have received said prime access. Is this normal and I just have to wait ? Edit : Received, sorry for the bother.
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