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  1. So basically I am just starting to get sisters of parvos and i noticed the fact that they added robo dogs and i was wondering what is the the best/cool looking pupper for general use
  2. Ive been able to solo Teralsyts for a while but not Gantulysts so while looking for guides i was looking at their builds i noticed they all have radiation so i threw radiation on my arquebex and was like okay ill leave that on but i never know what it does so can someone help me with this cause idk
  3. Step Right up folks take potshots at what you think the next prime vault will be for 2021!
  4. ok heres the thing i love the idea of the cortege but im not mr 14 so i cant use it but looking at it i would love to use it
  5. Meat-hook from Doom Eternal https://youtu.be/ngAi4JzL2rU if you can find the part try to do the part where the people in the background start screaming ¨Rip and tear¨ that should be in like the 3rd quarter of the song or the very beginning of the song
  6. oh okay thanks yeah ill stick with maus unless the kuva grattler is suddenly op
  7. well here's the thing i'm not mr 15 so no morgha but i will try velocitus
  8. So i'm generally curious what are the good or best arch-guns to use for a voidrig? I've been using the mausolon for the entirety of having it i've tried to get the grattler but i don't want to farm the oxium so i'm wondering what arch-gun should i get for my necramech?
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