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  1. hello. so i wanna ask do Thaumica and necrathene really drop in the vault bounty. i mean i had tried tier1 and tier2 many time yet i have not got will try 3 but do i grt any even if i get 2 or 1 its enough
  2. So if open all three does rotation a still come in?
  3. So guys I have been playing Lau crossfire exterminate god know how many times yet I m still not yet discovered Octavia system even once through cache so I want to ask if rotation a cache only count when I m opening only one cache or even if I find all three cache it will still be a rotation a is one of the or does not count ?
  4. Do damage to greener effect kuva lich
  5. so i completed the sacrifice, and wanted to start the new war but some how i m unable to interact with the lotus helmet in my personal quarters, any idea what's going on? even though the marker is showing i m unable to interact
  6. so guys i am playing a railjack mission and i got out of it in archwing to destroy the enemy reactor core i completed the mission but some how im in space and i cant find my railjack,need guick reply
  7. Also I got the requirm mod after the mission
  8. So I trying to complete my sedna map in witch I met with a kuva? anyway I defeated and stabbed my parazon in it since it was written to do it,but after doing it and completing the mission I got a notification/inbox kuva lich and then my entire Saturn map has a red cloud on it while the enemy level is beyond fifty ,since I m solo there is no way in hell that I can beat with my warframe solo,so the question. 1)is the same kuva lich get played by multiapal player or single kuva lich available to multiplayer at a time? 2)do all player have same planet converted in red form? 3)do I
  9. so guys, i finally build my railjack and i have a lots of spare parts/scraps and i kind of wondering i do i get a repair drone for building new parts?
  10. So guys I have started collecting material for My kavat incubator segment and for that I played solo on demios extermination and i got 7 genetic code after playing few round of it but after that I haven't got a single genetic code so I was wondering if there is a limit of what we can get for example seven in a day/week?
  11. so guys i finally built my Titania prime but i am kind of facing a problem i dont know how to make it fly, i play on pc and i kind of don't know how to make it fly i am using the control but all the action it takes are as same as any other warframe running ,walking, sprint, jump, etc kind a need help
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