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  1. Hello again! I appreciate these additional insights. From my initial post, I have had more testing done across those willing to test Khora's Whipclaw with me, which is a group of almost ten friendly Tenno-- including myself. Slopes can either be quite generous as in Corpus Ship, or oddly restrictive such as the central one in the Ballroom Simulacrum. In terms of using Line of Sight, I would hope that it uses a raycast! Minimizing false negatives as much as possible is the goal. Allies blocking Whipclaw almost entirely would be my target objective for the team at Di
  2. Hello fellow Khora enthusiasts! Allow me to chime in on the following: First off, I'd like to send a sincere thank you to @[DE]Ruu for looking into this issue hence sofar, as well as anyone else on the Team at Digital Extremes who has been made aware of the Line of Sight issues Khora has been facing since Deimos Arcana. Having followed this thread since the beginning, I am also very familiar with Khora mechanics. Kudos to @PublikDomain for urging discussion on this issue, while also acknowledging that these below issues also extend beyond just her, to Tombfinger Primary and Bonewidow's
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