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  1. Nice to see that the completely borked model collision on the Vox Solaris Amp parts STILL hasn't been fixed 👌
  2. On top of the Vox Solaris amp parts STILL not being fixed, the Klamora prism's ammo economy is still inconsistent; with maxed-out, unbound Eternal Gaze (Madurai Focus), sometimes my ammo economy is decent and sometimes I completely drain all the energy in three seconds. I'm not sure if the Klamora being a energy guzzler is intentional, but if only there was a way for it not to drain itself instantly. I really wish DE would get around to fixing this. It took them a while to fix the K-Drives too which I really don't understand. Even if it is not that big of an issue, surely it can't be that painfully hard to rectify.
  3. Can you also fix that bug where the Vox Solaris Amp parts aren't properly placed? The braces are backwards and the scaffold is placed sideways through the operator's wrist. Also, could you perchance fix that infinite loading bug in the Plains of Eidolon's gate when coming back from a mission? Because I was just screwed out of Tridolon rewards because of this. This isn't the first time this has happened to me and needless to say, I am absolutely furious.
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