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  1. Cross-play will probably be a toggle-option so many of the aforementioned issues will be irrelevant
  2. Appears to be an issue with all corpus ephemeras on switch, regardless of element or energy color. Can hardly see any of them except for in mission outro screen or a few very isolated locations where the lighting helps magnify them a bit
  3. Not sure if it's been posted here before (I can't see it), but on Switch (and seems to only affect Switch and not other platforms), following the recent major railjack plexus update, the loading time from Cetus to Plains increased from about 33 seconds before the update to ~70 seconds now, and the loading time for re-entry into Cetus from Plains increased from ~22 seconds to ~30 seconds. Is this something we should see as a permanent change, or something that will hopefully be improved upon in the future?
  4. well it's clearly not fixed as I still had the issue today. And carrying them once in a mission won't work .... as I sold them all from inventory once I maxed them after guilding edit: I sent a ticket to DE and they fixed the sync issue on my profile. Problem resolved
  5. This just happened to me on console (switch). Unfortunately, it was 8 or 9 different zaws I maxed, guilded, maxed again, and then sold to clear from inventory. Hope I don't have to build them again ....
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