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  1. I have disconnected and relinked my twitch and warframe account 12 times. I didn't get a single drop. Clearly something is wrong. Why didn't you use a ping test? 1 cred ping test would tell us if its correct. Instead fly by night programming. Then fans lose a good prize 1st thing.
  2. Fix orphix venom event stop glitching, host leaves early every1 else loses there progress. Or event glitches and you cannot use melee or enter necromech which forces them 2 leave and results in all progress lost. I have lost 40 rounds already and all the rewards with it.
  3. Fix the repeat mission button. All it does is glitch out every1 in group. Repair orb valis to many issues to even list them. Exploits to outright griefer glitches. k drive need 2 have a mission otherwise whats the point of it. Trading needs 2 be redone, create merchants in relays have guilds bid 4 them. 1 merchant per guild allow 5 bids per guild. Set prices as plat have limit that way cheap crap out of trade chat.
  4. Necromechs kuva weaps and other weapons max at 40. Hence using forma.
  5. Happy holidays may Canadian santa give you a new hockey stick. "john candy is Canadian santa claus'
  6. Vaults are still glitchy. 1st run fine. 2nd run everyone had different arrangement of the code. 3rd run all symbols same on unlock, while code was 4 different symbols. Aka unlockable . Getting tiree of bounty missions screwing up. Venus even worse
  7. Necromech parts not showing in normal item inv. Showing only in main like they have no actual category in the inv system.
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