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  1. Try fixing vacuems in corpus from 1 shotting you.Seems 2 be the reflect damage to them right back at you. Not all of them involves a tile set in a dead end. Corpus rj missions. Sortie mobile def or rescue with radion hazrd if its on objective it kills it instantly. No revive no chancw 2 defend. Instant failure with 0 hope of completetion. Hostage steps out of cell they die and failure. You put key into def objective instant failure. Plain of elidion Sortie you go underground to kill set number of mobs. Half way no more spawn. Need 2 correct issue or remove that portion.
  2. Fix it so if you vote not to do next mission. You do not lose everything from mission you completed. Lost 5 rds of progress due 2 this. Fix pets from going giant sized in rj. Fix it so either you cannot leave via short cut or teleport from bonus stuff, aka mines, transports etc. If you do it fails 2 give you bonus item,. Forces you 2 go back and exit via door you entered.
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