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  1. As of today the first Isolation vault is not spawning a Necramech most of the time. The crystal is not spawning the rest of the time.
  2. I do not post on the forums often, but I am not enjoying the direction Warframe has been going. Weapon specific mods and unique weapons variations have been mostly ignored since the addition of riven mods. Kuva Litches were over-hyped, under-delivered, and a huge grind. I killed/converted over a hundred of them and the only litch cosmetic I have was given to my by a friend. Railjack is three planets filled with a single mission. It requires hundreds of runs to level intrinsics, even with quad affinity boost. Steel Path isn't challenging, just another drawn out grind. Now experienced means less
  3. I did not get any of the relay or quiz drops, and I am on PC. I placed in the mid 500s on the quiz. Hydroid and the Athodai came in though.
  4. Does the delay apply to the relay drops too? I never got them, but one of my friends did.
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