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  1. I am looking forward to seeing what scoreboards look like after Loki interaction is taken into account. I like scoreboards, but not when stuff like that is abused to get impossibly high scores.
  2. While the arbitration changes are nice, it still takes way too long to earn vitus essence. (or rewards just cost too much) Gathering the 25 essence for a single arch-gun riven takes a bit over four hours of survival. It takes over 8 hours of survival for the new emote. This is only possible for players that have hours of free time. Recent content has been getting progressively more time and/or RNG heavy. I would really like to see this trend stop, as it has made the game less enjoyable for me. The arch-gun rivens are a great example. It takes hours of farming for a one in three chance that RNG will give something I would even use.
  3. K-Drives are not very enjoyable in their current state. It takes 30+ minutes to level one. Affinity boosters do not work on them, they don't gain affinity from other players' kills (unlike every other thing in the game), and are worse than an Archwing in almost every way. I enjoyed using them at first due to the novelty of them, but I just don't anymore. For items that have minimal use barring mastery, it shouldn't be so time consuming to level them. However, I do have some suggestions to make K-Drives more enjoyable over all. 1. Allow them to be leveled like other items. Ex: make exp boosters and affinity share work as expected. 2. Allow sidearms to be used while on them. 3. Collision damage. Enough to kill average stuff in one hit while at high speeds would be great. 4. Make the K-Drive mods that deal damage better. More damage and/or larger AoE would be ideal.
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