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  1. Returning player here, I just played Railjack for the first time yesterday and got my own railjack building. Melee seems a bit buggy in Railjack if you aren't the host and projectile shooting (in my case, with the Imperator Vandal) was a nightmare. Any chance at a bug fix pass coming to railjack again soon? ____ Daily login rewards. Can we get the useless stuff (Detonite Ampules and Mutagen Samples) off the daily login rotation? This has been suggested on the warframe subreddit a lot. ____ Do you think the strict eidolon hunting meta neccesitates eidolon nerfs? What do the devs think about the state of eidolon hunting. (As a MR 24, I can't get into eidolon groups because I only just got my mote amp and I am mining and fishing... so that I can eventually kill an eidolon lol)
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