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  1. Ghost clan requirements: Catabolyst: 5000 credits 40 mutagen sample 4,250 nano spores 650 plastids 3750 salvage Bubonico: 5000 credits 35 mutagen sample 8000 rubedo 22000 nano spores 20 neurodes
  2. Version 2: Tiny Tusk Thumper that hops around in the orbiter, charges at pets.
  3. Rank weapons, warframes, companions etc. that you have not ranked up before. Level all the things to rank 30 to get the most MR points out of them. Forma'ing items will not give you more mastery points, except in the case of Kuva weapons and Paracesis (currently only exceptions)
  4. I don't know who programmed that AI but I don't think it's working correctly.
  5. I'm worried about it as well. I don't quite understand why DE is going with this "its one or the other" source of SE drops. Why not both? People who like those long runs can still do them and get those big ol' piles of essense, while also adding in the Acolytes for those of us who don't want to stay in a mission for 1-2-3+ hours. Personally I can only do a long run about once every two weeks-ish because I just can't take sitting in front of a screen for huge amounts of time anymore, so though I do welcome the addition of Acolytes as a miniboss and new source of SE I just don't see
  6. Plague Bokwin is not a stand-alone weapon, it is a component for a Zaw, specifically a grip, and needs to be first crafted, then combined with other zaw parts and forged with Hok in Cetus.
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