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  1. Awesome, looking forwrad to seeing how much endo I can farm now! " Ally NPCs will no longer attack Garuda’s Blood Atlar Victims. " THANK YOU!
  2. And thus the Atlas Prime hypetrain whistle can be heard in the distance!
  3. No, you do not need to do the sacrifices again for syndicates you have already ranked up. Only the sacrifices to get out of their bad-books.
  4. Looks good so far, time will tell how well this will actualy end up being, but I'm really liking the new auras **Though, I am glad you arent going back to the one-life-tanks-only style of arbitration, it would be nice if the red things dropped by drones for reviving were an optional pick-up, so those who don't want to have their health reduced can just keep playing while one person can task themself with reviving if they were to choose to.
  5. Except I know a way to open this up to people who aren't MR30+ simply by adding a grindable item to the game that allows people who aren't MR30 to have the effect on their weapons, while not invalidating people who are MR30+ by having it be innately on their weapons. People who want the effect without 3 years of weapon levelling can have it then, and people who have already ground out everything in the game can have it without grinding out this item.
  6. My bet on this, would be after MR30, allowing certain weapons to go past rank 30 after formaing similar to Paracesis for a bonus to a stat like extra sentient damage, or possibly some kind of innate lifesteal for melee or bonus damage on headshots for rifles/pistols or better falloff range on shotties.
  7. At least it isnt another "Show some love for ___" thread right?
  8. The poll is kinda garbage because the reason for saving her according to that is for the writers. I won't touch it.
  9. Agree with removing quest-item build timers (odo, limbo, mirage, and the rest im too lazy to remember) and making anything related to a quest go the Umbra route of 30 seconds to a minute or so. Disagree with removing all build timers. Shortening frame build timers to 24 hours OK but complete removal? Nah.
  10. Oh please for the love of god no conclave centered events.
  11. You'll be able to personally hand Arlo that mint now!
  12. Though it would be nice to have a third threat aside from Razorbacks and Fomorians, I don't see this actually happening. Likely just a final battle against the infested that Arlo has become, then he will disappear into the night same as the Wolf did. If we can post some wishes here? I'd like to see one of the Derelict invasion craft get past us and take over a planet, giving us a second planet of pure infested hell, that or when Arlo is "defeated" and retreats, he gets tracked to another drawf planet from the Kuiper belt. Though with all that DE has on their plate with Empyrean and Duviri, I don't really see this as possible either.
  13. Amp fix!...wait, not even sure you mentioned the right thing there, will be running next night to check X-2-7 is multi-hitting again, thanks to those who got this bug sqished!
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