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  1. First a lot of new grind Second a new Warframe Third many nerfs Fourth new cosmetics Lich farming feels even worst now, granum void, sure use Mesa but what if I want heat? Second thrall spawning is reduced? B4 it was like 3 thrall in a capture on average now its 1, murmur is reduced but still random spawn of lich and wasted attempts, and last railjack Melee nerfs are just annoying Multishot galvanised mod is good rest are meh TLDR Not much content, just big nerf update
  2. How to improve modding My thinking, why is there only one stat on most mods? Serration 165% If you want to compete for that modding space you need the same but higher value. Solution: (just an example) Serration 1: 165%dmg, 20%reload Serration 2: 165%dmg, 50%magazin Serration 3: 165%dmg, 60% projection speed Amalgam Serration (4): 155%, movement speed Naturally those can't be stacked Further we see DE actually did Amalgam which is that ideology. To introduce that would be a power creep, but now it's the perfect timing because you wanted to buff guns right? I know it makes everything complicated and is in essential making every mod a riven mod, and takes freedom But DE and some of the community want it unnecessary complicated and wasteful. Edit: sidenote personally wonder why there is still no 90%viral mod and so on Edit2:how to improve single target guns, make shred good by x10 all value, then we can mod for straight line aoe, and with the above addition, we could build single target for line aoe or spread (also an idea to add mirage effect on a mod but with 45% angle) Edit3: why diff between shotguns and rifle, make more sense to diff between grende/explosion weapons and not Edit4:suggestion make the "multi stat" mods all mr15 req, and drop on steel path only instead of those bronze mods with double chance of a joke This will balance it around "high level" content and give those after Mr 15 more to think about Edit 5:yeah it maybe make all existing gun mods useless, but ig new content for Mr 15 and above Edit6 how about adding negativ drain mod as a concept (which adds mod capacity as main bonus and maybe something else QoL stat or so) Edit6.1 negativ drain mods would also help with leveling of weapons without leeching Edit7:just a funny thought which is an overkill and the maximum Add for mr31 (legend ranks) new "rivens" which can stacked meaning you can mod everything how you like on that gun, based on rng kuva rolls lol The most painful min max attempt of an endgame lol Edit.7.1 those mr31 mods, not tradeable Edit 7.2 with a timegate of aquistion, getting random weapon and random stats, kuva ressources and limited inventory space for those which you need 9 of (exilus slots too lol) I think that end game will take over 20 years to even get 2 perfect weapons lol Edit.7.3 with new weapons added it will get restarted, like said not meant seriously but a funny thought for the elite of the elite who wants to bleed and suffer
  3. Isn't that also what most of community and DE wants to archive? Few meta weapons which game is balanced around and everything else is just worse No more cheese tactics or getting overly strong which makes gameplay trivial, meaning no matter how long you grind you will always have the thrill of long fights and the chance to die every moment when you lose focus or look away for one sec.
  4. Yep strong weapons get rewarded by being strong weapons (or at least aoe) Single target weapons without a high enough kill/time still have to forma for new mods because mandatory but will be even less useful because already good performing weapons will even more outperform META WEAPONS 3X performance increase over non meta weapons because "on kill"
  5. Isn't that everything most of community ever asked for? You have to actively play to gain anything, you have to focus to best other players, no weapons which make gameplay trivial and less melee button spamming
  6. Once DE realize that there are other ways to go over their wanted threshold attackspeed, they will nerf other methods too Just get used to favour aoe guns, if melee is still strong they will just further nerf it in the future
  7. What are the opinion of the community when warframe in general becomes more like dog days? Meaning that every few seconds you have to actively do something or otherwise your weapon will neither hit or do damage. And except for a baseline, rewards are based on personal kills counted, in detail meaning you can outperform other in your party or deny them rewards by kill stealing. Further less use of melee and a very fix min max damage achievable with moding, like in dog days only damage spike are achievable with headshots.
  8. People complain melee is only button spam DE nerf melee It's still the same button spamming only 3 times longer We have no mod space on range weapons and can't kill on steel path fast enough DE, add mandatory mod with increased drain, and limit use to being able to kill fast enough so that you can kill fast enough DE removes glaive TLDR from DE claiming they need to adjust attack speed because "insert reason" but won't nerf to nerf of all melee mods and removing berserk from the game, and timegate a lesser version at higher cost behind a timegate. Glaive and Nukor nerf, sh it for those who actually use them New weapons buffs are insanely new addition of annoyance, of keeping your buff up and streamlining everything on rushing and max killing. Still the same Kuva Karak aiming few magazines into a horde for few minutes is still the same. Every change will force us more to be meta (using high dmg weapon with aoe to gets kills) Rivens become more mandatory, no space for anything left on weapons. Gameplay got longer and more annoying.
  9. Why berserk was a good design You buff your crit stats to get more consistency of trigger With a good weapon you were rewarded When you had problem to kill it will trigger and help you to kill New berserk you get the buff after you killed....
  10. Next update, more nerfs And new mods which trigger when you buy plat
  11. Guns Can't kill enemies guns need buffs Guns will be able to kill enemies if you can kill enemies Is that witchcraft? For most people it's a hassle to press every 20 sec to get a buff (ability) now you give us something which last less and can be kill stolen by other players? 10 sec to kill one enemy, 9 sec to kill one enemy, 8 sec to kill one enemy, 7 sec to kill one enemy, 10 sec to kill one enemy Include reload, enemy movement, cc That's just stupid DE
  12. "on kill" on everything how to make items useless Thought DE were trying to buff? Fix primed fury or remove the on kill of berserk Fix on kill by removing it from the game, or anyone in party can trigger it, and increase duration
  13. Just accept its a giant nerf However ffs change the "on kill" because this affect quality of gameplay from fun to stress No one ever use the "on kill" arcana, just think about it Also on kill with such short duration is just the death nail for public games Primed fury is now mandatory and behind a daily login...
  14. "on kill" to trigger and a duration under 20 sec, all of those no matter the damage number, are just gimmicks
  15. Nerfs are meh but those "on kill" condition does nothing but finally add PvP to the game BTW nerf for all dps, nuker or scaling warframe abilities the following update otherwise people can't trigger their "on kill" Edit: it's more like a joke now, because nothing will change same with the railjack megathread
  16. Guys this will be only the start, because lots of other things perform at the level of kuva nukor atm, which will bring even more nerfs, at least dozen of weapon nerfs and 8 warframe nerfs incoming soon
  17. With those updates gameplay will be like "need to kill every 6 sec an enemy" Sounds like fun With running through empty rooms, cc/knockdown, reload, other players, lags Killing bosses/acolytes be like every 3 sec have to kill/attack something else Edit You play rhino with Kuva Karak, I play mirage with Kuva Bramma, good luck maintaining your buffs Not meta? Go afk Edit 2 future disruption will be fun NOT
  18. If they don't change the "on kill" Then I suggest to add friendly fire to warframe because we will need it in the future for public games Edit BTW why not leave berserk as it is and make it not stackable with fury, and 2 stacks at max 60% attackspeed, then its still good (but not much better than primed fury) with its intented change you can just delete the mod entirely from the game
  19. Just imagine combo counter is not with hits but with kills... That is the future Change everything to "on kill" and game will be empty lol
  20. "on kill" we get buff what we can already kill but does nothing with what we can't kill or boss fights "on kill" competition between players nerfs to warframe and meta weapons needed Many melee become not viable Two mandatory prime mods behind daily login, player at 200 days who didn't choose primed fury need 400 days to be "meta" again Aoe guns (or weapons who can kill atm) benefit but other weapons don't benefit much from "on kill" trigger Did I miss something In summary Gameplay will be annoying as hell with upkeep of buffs and competition of players to get kills Lots of player will be annoyed thinking that optimal build is only achievable with 400 days of daily login and not gameplay Edit: with those changes we will get for sure scaling warframe ability nerfs in the next update
  21. Btw just realize for most people prime fury is now mandatory and locked behind daily login, nice around average 100 days for most people to get that mod Edit for those between 200 and 400 days, either primed fury or primed sure-footed meaning around 300 days waiting Nice update incoming
  22. No joke atm I think just leave the "buffs" aside, give us the nerfs, idc But those "buffs" with "on kill" will make public gaming the new pvp mode
  23. Let's just say that if it's added in that form, DE will need like 3 to 4 following patches to fix the problems of this "fix" Edit yeah seems like back then with the railjackupdate feedback where they group every "topic" in the same "trashcan" so nobody has any idea about who is talking about what Instead of having a topic for each aspect of the incoming changes
  24. Don't forget other players, hard to get kills if someone kills faster than you, so maybe nerfs to warframe incoming Also you have to use a meta weapon or you won't get those buffs because other players are killing faster than you Also assuming that there are some time where you don't spam "fire" button, you have to "restart" which is annoying Gameplay be like 0 - 100 - 0 - 100
  25. 200% multishot means you have to use it over another mod Also it only means triple damage if you have no multishot to begin with
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