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  1. Oohh that makes sense, thank you! This really helps a lot.
  2. Oh ok thank you for correcting me. So I can't earn any more standing because it says zero. Does it ever go back up? Because I started with zero so am guessing there is like a daily refresh.
  3. Thank you for all your answers and they were really helpful, but I was in mastery rank 2 when I joined steel meridian and when I got to master rank 7 I had some where around 13,000 daily standing. But later it dropped down to zero, why did this happen?
  4. Hello fellow tenno, to give you a little back story, I joined Steel Meridian and I reached rank 5 and it was great. So I decided I wanted to star working on another syndicate. I saw that Red Veil already had standing but I decided to go with Arbiters of Hexis. I put on there sigil and went on missions to build up standing, but the strangest thing happen, I wasn't earning any standing. My daily standing says zero and I don't know how to increase it. Can I only join one syndicate at a time? Or do I have to join the syndicate that is allied with my first syndicate. Thank you for your time and hel
  5. Oh alright good to know, I also have Wukong prime, but I haven't built him yet because I don't have a warframe slot lol. I don't plan on building him any time soon. Thanks again, I really appreciate the help.
  6. Thank you for your help, I gotten my first prime warframe Equinox about 4 days ago and I wasn't sure if I should invest forma and a potato in it.
  7. Hello, to give you some back story, I recently gotten a ton of forma blue prints, and when you use one it restarts the mastery level for the weapon/warframe. So my question is, is it harder to get my weapon/warframe back to rank 30, does it need much more affinity? Also I gotten a potato and I don't have a clue if I should spend it something, and if yes, what, or save it. Thank you for your time and helping a fellow noob.
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