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  1. That’s more than fine, which bings us to a fundamental topic: where are we going to get the option to disable every cosmetic while playing? If I see another Zephyr Deluxe or the usual undefined amass of black with the mandatory red details (or even worse, a combination of the two) I’m gonna lose it
  2. Valkyr was the first newly released frame when I started playing on PS4, I was impressed by her design, very athletic, sleek, and they nailed the ‘unruly cat’ concept perfectly. This skin not only has little to do with the frame or warframe in general, it’s definitely ugly from what I can see. I don’t know what happened here, this looks like one of those oily tanned hypertrophic mass of muscles everyone makes fun of. Reconsider the design please
  3. A bit disappointing, especially for Nyx. But the whole unvault thing needs an overhaul, releasing things like Boltor P as they were makes little sense, a MR 13 weapon that is unfortunately a very nice looking mastery fodder by today standards. Hell, even Rhino is quite outdated, his days were probably over when Helmith launched. Wish every unvault came with a little update for the items, not necessarily reworks.
  4. Hikou Prime is perma unvaulted along Nyx, Scindo, Valkyr, Cernos and Venka, the relics are drops form Railjack
  5. Seconding this. I hope it fixes soon, before the end of Intermission so I can spend my creds
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