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  1. Corpus try to squish this Nidus
  2. Cangtaro

    New Contest: Captura the Moment!

    Nova Prime wreaks devastation on her enemies using volatile anti-matter. Here's mine, Good Luck to everyone who submitted #CapturaTheMoment
  3. Cangtaro

    [Update 20] Share your Captura Screenshots!

    Octavia in Concert
  4. Faction: Corpus Weapon: Ungula Stance: Claw Using channeled plasma, these claws can devastate all that come before it. The claws themselves are only usable while channeling, otherwise it can be used as a fist stance weapon, but it has significantly less damage. When blocking, they form a protective barrier in front of the user, using energy/ independent resource per hit taken.. Good Luck to all who submitted, there are some fantastic concepts here
  5. Cangtaro

    New Contest: Be My Valentenno!

    I will never use a cookbook again ! *bookmarked* P.S. Happy Singles Awareness Day!
  6. Cangtaro

    New Contest: Warframe Elections!

    Here is mine, Oberon master race
  7. Cangtaro

    New Contest: Elevated Liberty! This should be it BTW the BB codes don't seem to be working
  8. Cangtaro

    New Contest: Elevated Liberty!

    Here is mine, I hope you guys like it.
  9. Cangtaro

    New: Mirror The Mod Contest

    Mirror Original There is my best shot, hope it scores!
  10. Cangtaro

    Coming Soon: Devstream #39!

    Boar you get through the Wrecking Rhino Pack, but dual ether daggers have yet to return :(
  11. Cangtaro

    Coming Soon: Devstream #38!

    Any words on endgame tilesets that mix things up, or maybe new game modes, and possible info on Archwing tilesets?
  12. Cangtaro

    New Contest: Warframe Doppelganger!

    Ash is .... The Wolverine
  13. Cangtaro

    New: T-Shirt Design Contest

    Here is my design, sorry it is not a t-shirt template.
  14. Cangtaro

    Enemies Of The Tenno: Grineer Submissions

    Looks like a grineer deatheater
  15. Cangtaro

    Enemies Of The Tenno: Grineer Submissions

    Name: Obliterator Appearance: She is a taller sized grineer that has intricate mech legs and a powerful main arm. She has a energy pack on her back for channeling energy. Behavior: She will walk idly untill the Tenno ar notices and then she spring into action. Weilding her Jat Kittag, she rushed out to the battlefield and leaps very high into the air. She brings down her channeled Jat Kittag on the closest Tenno with knock down and high impact damage. She wil attempt to evade and hide if the odds sre against her, but she will fight on overdrive it her health is below 5%. Attacks: Jat Kittag smash and swing W/ knockdown, a viper for small ranged engagements Enviromental restrictions: She can jump very high, but not very far, so she can clear huge trenches. She is best for open areas or large rooms and in compat rooms she can't fight well. She will only appear with bombards and Napalms. This is something of what it might look like, but female and less armoured. BTW THIS IS NOT MY ART