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  1. (PS4)renosis

    Ps4: The Second Dream (U18) (+Hotfixes)

    There is a huge problem with the LoR nightmare raid now! The disruptor drones can only be damaged from inside their bubble now. This makes nightmare ridiculously hard. Normally I like a challenge, for as long as the raid has been out, our team has ran both regular and nightmare every night. This disruptor drone bug is so frustrating we are probably going to skip nightmare raid now.
  2. My pre-order didn't work either. The package now shows a price in PSN. I don't usually pre-order, this is very disappointing as I could have just bought it outright and gotten much faster. I didn't really care about the theme. I really hope this gets fixed soon.
  3. (PS4)renosis

    Ps4 Year 2 Anniversary!

    Happy 2 years everyone! In regards to the gifts, I like the Obsidian Excal Noggle. It is cool and is a good gift. I collect the noggles and I really like this one. I agree with what the others have said about the two year sigil.... I don't see myself ever using it. It does look like it was thrown together (re-gifted) and rushed out the door by someone who wasn't inspired and just wanted to get it off their plate. I know that may sound harsh and unfairly critical (we don't know what else was on the artist's plate and what not), but look at it.... The Rakta Syandana is kind of meh. I guess it is nice to get a second one for future arcane's, but I don't even have arcane's on the first one, because it isn't that great of a Syandana to begin with. It is ok, but prisma version and hecate version are better. I suppose it is good that the newer players who didn't have it were able to get it. To summarize, some of the gifts did feel re-gifted. Great job on the Obsidian Excal Noggle! As for the direction the game is heading, overall, I am still happy and still a daily player, even at 2 years. Can't wait to see what the game looks like this time next year!
  4. Wow, this is awesome news! I have been waiting for these Obsidian skin changes for ages. I can't wait!
  5. Eh, your numbers are a little extreme here. At a 90% chance of getting the item... even a losing streak of 6 has a 0.002% chance probability. That is tiny. Even with the 8 million registered Tenno from the 2014 infographic, a losing streak of 6 with a 90% chance of drop will only happen to 160 tenno. Though, your assertion is correct, RNG is RNG and some users will have bad luck.
  6. Probably not a bug. It was probably an invasion mission where they sided with Grineer. Sometimes your allies run with you. They were waiting at extraction for a slow-poke tenno and a Grineer Soldier made it there, so they basically said "I wish we could take this Grineer thru extraction instead of the slow-poke Tenno, so we don't have to wait".
  7. (PS4)renosis

    Would You Consider Warframe A Better Version Of Destiny?

    Destiny was pretty awful IMO. It didn't hold my attention for very long. I think I got to level 20. In Warframe I have over 2k hours of play time. The story / lore was done very poorly in Destiny. The world looked nice I think on Earth, but most of the other planets are kind of blah, like they gave up caring. Also most of the enemies were kind of sad... there was just something about the enemies that seems off.
  8. (PS4)renosis

    Renown Pack 6 - Available Now!

    For #2: On the contrary, Renown pack 3 was DE's PS4 answer to PC's Excalibur Prime (an actual retired product). Saying a product is going to be "retired" brings the expectation that you won't be able to buy it again, in this context it should definitely not be re-released. Legal or not, it was deceptive to advertise it like that and then release it again, particularly with the pack they chose.
  9. (PS4)renosis

    Wait From What I Seen So Far These New Guns Are Mr12?

    MR 12 isn't that hard to obtain. It isn't like old times where you needed to farm a bunch of primes and prime frames to reach it. To reach 12 you need a total of 360,000 affinity. From market weapons alone you can get 288,000 affinity. I don't think having some of the more powerful weapons with high mastery lock is a problem.
  10. (PS4)renosis

    Ps4: Echoes Of The Sentient (+Hotfixes)

    Found a really frustrating bug! I went to build twin grakatas for which I had specifically built two unranked grakatas, so I wouldnt have to spend my forma'd and potato'd grakata. It asked me which grakata to use once, but didn't ask me what to use for the 2nd one. Of course it took my multiple forma'd rank 30 potato'd grakata instead of the second unranked one! Please fix this ASAP!
  11. (PS4)renosis

    Renown Pack 6 - Available Now!

    Supposedly they don't want to allow us to change the energy colors. I ask every time there is a renown release. It has been passed up the chain at DE, they don't want to do it, but I don't think an exact reason was given. Probably has to do with not wanting to waste the man hours, however small they may be, on changing all the previous packs. And it wouldn't fit with the theme if you could change the new ones and not the old ones. I think I am just going to stop buying them. I have purchased all of them, 1 - 5. There have been disappointments almost every time: 1. Not being able to change colors. Requested every time by nearly everyone who posts about the packs on the forum. 2. Advertising saying limited availability and then re-releasing them. (advertised: "will retire", "get it before its gone", "is about to be retired, better hurry!"... then renown pack 3 gets re-released, followed by almost all of them get re-released in a mega-bundle). 3. PS Plus discount issues on release. 4. Poor item choices. Putting the skins on items that have low usage and are ineffective. 5. Incompatibility with prime variants / dual variants. We can't have the lato skin on Aklato? This is the easiest thing to make a reality, just apply the texture to both pistols, it is literally the same model duplicated. Wyrm but no Wyrm Prime? 6. Not only were the advertised renown packs re-released, but if I would have waited, I would have paid less too! It cost me $24 to buy the same packs with the ps plus discount ($30 without discount). Now it is only $19.99 (with no plus discount) for all three and they get more platinum too? It is just a little insulting to the customers who were loyal. Why should I continue to buy these?
  12. (PS4)renosis

    What's Your Biggest Weakness?

    Grineer Hacks on Nightmare Raids. Most of the time I can make it through them, but sometimes I get in a streak where I fail repeatedly, then I get nervous about it, which causes me to fail even more.
  13. (PS4)renosis

    Ps4: Excalibur Revisited

    Having an issue running LoR Trials (raids) since the update. Hud doesn't appear, seems to mostly affect host, but sometimes others. Restarted mission multiple times, never got a hud on the first mission of the raid. Tried restarting warframe, tried shutting hud off and on in options, tried deleting saved data. Still no luck. I run the same raids every night with the same people. On normal, Hud didn't appear on maps 1 and 2, but did appear on the final map 3. On nightmare, Hud didn't appear on maps 1 and 3, but did appear on map 2. And like I already said, restarting the raid never fixed it and I never saw a hud on the first mission no matter how many times I restarted the raid.
  14. Meh, I kind of like the idea of being surprised. However, I was really looking forward to the Prisma Daedalus Shoulders and the new Prisma weapons that were coming soon. I would hate to see these delayed. I think DE should implement a different schedule than PC. But I think they should wait until there is a slump of content (like during a couple weeks worth of PC Baro dupes) in the schedule before doing so.