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  1. *slaps keyboard* THANK YOU!
  2. So we just got a brand new open world to play in with a new syndicate to level. Pretty good stuff! BUT let's talk about Wildlife Conservation. This new open world added a layer of hell never seen before: Capturing Archaeas. I've spent a lot of time looking for those little devils and, oh boy, it's getting to me. And so I had this idea: You know the Tranq Rifle makes this noise whenever there's a conservation target nearby right? What if we get an upgrade for the Tranq Rifle that actually points to the target? Like when you get shot and there's a damage indicator so you
  3. Aaaaand they're also giant space worms!
  4. Ok guys I had a crazy idea. Ready? 'member those two giant worm like things? The blue one and the orange one? They're giant monsters, right? We'll have mechs, right? Or battle suits, what have you. So, can we have a giant mech fight against those things? I'm talking about Power Rangers or Voltron here with finishing moves and sparks for blood followed by a huge explosion and a cool pose at the end. Can we have that?
  5. When you switch to a different Loadout. "Loading optimized equipment for - the slaughter - for the mission."
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