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  1. The two rare drops are really good so my only problem is that there rare I don’t see the need for making them rng
  2. 2 questions, 1 Are banshee and mirage prime going to remain in the prime vault packs till next prime access? 2 are we getting a confirmed release for update 30 or just more estimates I’m really really excited for sevagoth and corpus liches
  3. When’s the devstream i couldn’t find anything about it
  4. I’m a semi new player so a lot of the night wave bounty’s i can’t do because I don’t have access to them when I played 2 years ago I could do all alerts nightwave isn’t bad it’s just not very new player friendly
  5. this is getting ridiculous DE please ether lower the amount of thing that require nitain or make another way to get it. nightwave its so annoying and the only other ways are through next to impossible drop chances or bring back alerts do something to make nitain not such a pain to get
  6. I can I spent all my creds and I’m not close to getting more
  7. I’m looking for orokin caches in void sabotage to get nitain extract but I need 2 so does the cache only give one and will a resource booster effect the amount
  8. So I need 2 nitain extract but I’m out of nw creds and nowhere near getting any more so my only other option is ghoul purge but I’m not sure when it’s set to return does anyone know when or know of another way to get nitain
  9. What exactly is watch time does it just mean I need to have my accounts linked for 30 minutes or do I have to watch 30 minutes worth of warframe twitch streams I’m newer to twitch so I’m not sure
  10. Does anyone have an idea of who might be in the next prime vault packs I’m trying to decide if I should get banshee and mirage or wait a little bit for the next one but I can’t find anything on who is next
  11. I was wonder if you purchase the prime dual pack or either of the separate packs does it let you use the guns even without being the required mastery rank? In quests like the second dream and the sacrifice it awards you with weapons that require specific mastery rank but even if you don’t meet the requirements you can still use them sense there already in your inventory so does it work the same with the prime vault packs I’m mr 12 but want euphona and akbolto so if I buy the pack will it put them right in my inventory and let me use them despite not meeting the requirements
  12. Do the rewards for winning go to all clan members or just the person that submits the clan
  13. I need 5 nitain extract to craft lavos’ chassis but nightwave is over rn is there any other way to get it or will I have to wait
  14. Has DE announced when nightwave series 4 will come out?
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