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  1. Don’t the new players already have enough to deal with than people banning one of the only frames they have using a blacklist. I’m sure that a 5min run with 1 frame you dislike won’t end ur wf career. If you’re going for a long grind run, then clan/alliance/recruiting chats can help find you a party. A whole black list system would just cause more issues, just finding a match would take some people more time than the mission itself would. If the solution is for them to pick another frame then you miss the purpose of what a game is, it’s to have fun, and by forcing people to play specific frame
  2. Her 4 just seems out of place, if they introduced something else that synergies with her mind control and chaos it’d make for a better ultimate. Her mind control needs some love too cuz rn it’s like a weaker version of soul punch ngl. You’d think after mind controlling an enemy, she’d insta kill them at the end of the duration.
  3. I cleared most of the star map with my nekros and equinox prime (the reason I mention the prime is because its easier getting that than the normal frame ;-;). Rhino is also a solid unit, I use limbo for any objective defence mission. So, really just find a frame you really like and they should do you wonders. But, if you want a more stronk stronk frame answer, I think Khora, Wisp, Vauban, Nova and Saryn are the usual suspects there.
  4. If you don't care about arbiters of hexis and cephalon suda, you can actually get 4 syndicates as opposed to the normal 3, basically you farm out new loka with perrin sequence getting the 50%. Once you have them both at 5, you do red veil, steel meridian will slowly come from hating ur guts to liking you because they are allied with red veil. It's a long grind but it'll get you access to the most things. I think wiki gives a run down of what you miss out on with each path, with the 4 syndicate path only being like 3-5 frames iirc. But, you can always trade for the things you are missing out on
  5. I’ve been playing for 2 months and still don’t know anything about extractors and where to get them other then I need to complete a planet for them, so yea them telling me earlier on would be great, maybe like a forced tutorial when you complete ur first planet, or a quest where ur goal is to complete earth and then use an extractor for it? Edit- After reading these comments I’ve realized there’s actually a lot I had issues with when I started. I never knew how to mod/completely forgot about it for like 3-4 planets after earth, only reason I realized I had to mod was after a friend reali
  6. While I am newer, Ive played a lot of Nekros and have some suggestions: 1) Why not have his soul punch act as a targeter for when it doesn't kill an enemy, this will help with directing the minions. 2) Another thing I think can work is, why not give Nekros something similar to equinox's 4. Before what I get into what I mean by that, I want to start by introducing some options to his kit. -Give Nekros the choice between summoning an army, and summoning 1 unique champion style unit, that is unique to each faction as it will resemble an undead corpse, but with the faction traits, l
  7. As a player on the newer side I’ve gotta jump on the defence slot because the soul punch execute has done wonders for me, sentinels for example are a pain to kill especially as they get weaker so the execute saves me the hassle in addition to a free zombie. The skill outside of that isn’t the best but instead of a whole rework on it, might I suggest that they add another debuff onto it one that allows nekros to choose target priority on his zombies, so if he uses his 1 on an enemy all the zombies will target it and swarm to it. A boost to the augment could be that “when used on an ally it will
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