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  1. RJ can be had with plat, they will do everything they can to keep it solo friendly. That's ok.
  2. I would but they are too busy kicking butt to stop for pictures.
  3. I have the XSS, it's so damn tiny but packs a solid punch. I built a solid pc last year and bought this for backup. If it wasn't for having to grind Entrati/Solaris rep on the box I would be happy to just have the console.
  4. No, not in the least. I understand the need to flex how skilled and knowledgeable you are at Warframe, but you seemed to have completely missed what I said. Go and read it slooooowly.
  5. Some of the people here need to be sleeping wid da fishes, Godfather. I think those nodes shouldn't be tied to the progress of a system, there's no continuity. It should be like Alad or the Golem and appear when you clear the planet. With all due respect Godfather, dat's what I tink.
  6. Just hope the rank 5 didn't use Hydron to boost and actually know what to do.
  7. I don't know about art but know what I like and this is ass.
  8. Keep expecting Mother to tell me about her trip to the Hamptons.
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