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  1. IMO I think a good Rank 10 would be somethin along the lines of "Inspiring Call", like your crewmates/liches are buffed with increased dmg in combat and on turrets and they sprint/repair faster, pretty much just a crew buff with for 20seconds with like a 3.5min cooldown, but it's prob gonna be something unexpected and nothing closr to that
  2. I have recently built my Railjack and have been tinkering with it. But i’m not sure which araments are best... I have Zekti Talyn MK3 on Pilot and Pulsar on gunnerys. Thoughts? I also want to invest in better armaments though but most of them seem kinda iffy imo with how they’d be efficient. Some have great damage but super lower falloff, guessing shotgun’s of railjack, theres also ice drivers(snipers?) I was considering this also.. I’m asking for the communities opinions on what armaments are best and for what.
  3. Bug So randomly when Im using Sevagoth my abilities will stay toggled. By this I mean to activate abilities on xbox you must hold RB to toggle to the abilities panel and press A, B, X , or Y to use one of their abilities, sometimes while using Sevagoth it’ll be stuck toggled on the abilities as if I’m holding RB(which Im not). I notice this happens a lot mostly when I switch between him and his Shadow. It isn’t my controller either since I swapped to a diff controller when it started annoying me and it still happened. It drains a ton of energy and makes all of my buttons unusable, confusing the heck out of me. I can undo the forced toggle by simply pressing RB myself but still. It’s very disorientating and a bit of a buzzkill when I’m fighting and all of a sudden I cast three of his abilities and cant jump, reload, or swap weapons.
  4. Aight, well this is to see if this is a bug or an intended change before i report it in feedback, though I doubt it. I am also seeing if anyone else has experienced this. Pretty much while Im playing Sevagoth(only experience it with him) I’ll sometimes get stuck with my abilities toggled. Pretty much to explain this i’ll switch from Shadow to Sevagoth and then i’ll attempt to jump and it’ll activate my first ability and so on. It’s completely random at times but I think it happens when I switch between him and his shadow. But it wastes tons of energy and makes me a sitting duck between most of my buttons dont work since they’re toggled for abilities.
  5. So the Call of Tempestarii just dropped and I wanna railjack. So I built the cephalon and then checked to start the quest... yeah. I cant start the quest, it’s stuck displaying the prerequisites, it’s like this with a few other quests also. “~The Second Dream ~Obtain a Railjack Cephalon Blueprint ~Build Railjack Cephalon in Foundry” I’ve done all that, how am I supposed to start the Rising Tide quest to get a fricken RJ? so yeah, game never tells you but you need to check your inbox : /, i was dumb my bad
  6. I understand the logic behind this but just no, she is similar to how Gauss has ice/fire in one ability, the devs just thought it was a super cool idea to make her worth two warframes.. which is cool lorewise but annoying crafting/farming wise Sameish abilities different effects. All of her abilites reflect from day-night, so modding affects both the same way.. the only thing is the sleep and dmg buffer being an issue. I love the way she is personally and I feel the need to repeat what I just said.. you shouldn't be able to mod for separate abilities.(even if it's technically a seperate form) she has 8 abilities per se so I'm still unsure about this. I'd understand if they were totally different abilities but all 8 reflect each other and work in similar ways so modding doesn't matter too much except for when it comes to her sleep/dmg buff.
  7. I don't think it's a good idea. It's like saying you should be able to mod for each ability "Oh yeah, I put max strength with negative duration on Ash's kunai but it doesnt affect my invisibility because they're modded separately". It adds actual build variety/priority, I use night form a ton, especially when helping ppl/newbies stay alive when in Hydron while also milking the hordes of enemies with day for affinity share.
  8. Modding effects both forms the same just applying diff status effects.. i may be wrong about that but im like 98% sure that it's the case so she doesn't necessarily need seperate modding. Following your logic if I only use day then why should I need a seperate modding for night too? It's not the mods that make night unviable for you and others, you stated that support just isn't as popular/needed.
  9. Yeah that's my point dum dum if any "second form" warframe needs attention after this sevagoth release, it's Chroma, not Equinox. Plus a rework isnt a priority for warframes after a release of a new warframe, especially when that new warframe is the priority atm She isn't playing two warframes at once, you can't just say that since her crafting is such. She is one warframe and feels like one warframe, her form changes are similar to how some abilities have a different "hold ability=diff effect" type of thing, she doesn't need seperate modding(Idk why you even think that) and technically Sevagoth's 2nd form counts as a exalted form so that's why. Should not be that hard to comprehend.
  10. Dude your logic makes zero sense, you do know that Chroma technically has a second form also right? They just made a new frame, stop moaning about reworks, Equinox is i a great spot so stop with the scapegoat tactics You may main her but you obviously don't know how to use her... her day form is great for nuking but night is great for survivablity, I use both in every mission... and all abilities also, her dmg increaser and her sleep cc are super useful plus her 3rd aura abilties are great
  11. I really hope some mod doesn't merge this with my old post because I want it to be seperate but I am trying to get the 4th survey results displayed but I am rather busy with a new job and state testing for my school so I have been very busy. I hope everyone is doing well and I was wondering if I would make a different survey with a point system that leads to in game rewards such as plat, ect. would you guys be interested in it? I am on xbox tho and most on the forums are PC so how would you guys suppose I would gift people their rewards if I were to do this?
  12. I have avoided her, for like the longest time, still haven't used her so it's not my place to speak of her and her problems tbh. But her concept alone looks... looks like they took a concept and had no idea what to do with it. Psychic Bolts..? What, I mean I guess.. Anyways, what are her main issues? What causes the issues? Does Nyx need ability reworks or stat reworks?(I think psychic bolts need to be swapped with something, like a telekinesis character uses bolts as on of their main gimmicks : //) Lemme hear it, and what are her current "gameplay band aids" ? Because I've avoided her but want her so bad plus her deluxe skins are probs some of the best, I just dont want to be disappointed so I'm saving her for when I need the MR.
  13. Valkyr for me is an amazing concept but tbfh she's a little... boring. I wish her forced stance mod was at least tweaked and make her grapping line cost literally 1 energy per meter or something, she's kind of a crappy warframe but she's definitely in a good spot compared to a ton others
  14. Well, chimps hit the stone age recently so maybe we'll let them take the wheel for awhile, they'll have Monkeyframe
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