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    Saita Prime Suit texture issues

    It just makes we wonder why they would change major design choices of a suit. It would just be nice if they included both versions of changed items to avoid any trouble.
  2. Nyriena

    Saita Prime Suit texture issues

    And it's quite annoying that they changed the sleeves of the Saita Prime suit. They used to be asymmetrical, with one being white and the other one black. Who came up with changes like these? I can live with changes IF they would allow us to use the older models, but removing details and highlights from a suit without any option to get them back is unacceptable.
  3. Yet you were allowed to use a similar material when creating the skin for Zephyr, which I would have prefered in this case. It still looks great and I cannot wait to be able to buy it, but like EighthGear I am not too fond of the material itself as it is pretty prominent. 🙂
  4. Are you allowed to talk about the aspects of your skin you are supposed to change, Hitsu San? And I cannot wait for the skin to be implemented as I have a hard time creating a bond with Equinox due to her lackluster design.