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  1. My scintillant showed up on login yesterday at around 7:30pm est. So the drops are working, just a really long delay, unless they fixed the backend code for the drops with the hotfix that deployed yesterday.
  2. The real question is was the black screen issue when members of your squad were using the escape noodle in vaults on deimos fixed? This has bugged me really hard for the past week or more
  3. People saying that they always get enough reactant must not have played all the mission types. I've had multiple skirmish runs where the most reactant the group gets was 3. Personally, I wasnt bothered since I just wanted the sevi part, but for the game type to survive in anyway, it definitley needs some looking at if it's going to remain as a method for relic cracking. Also, I can't remember which type of mission it was but the last objectice was "kill syr? Lieutenant or Captain" and there was no objective marker telling the squad where he was. (Grineer tileset) There wasnt enough react
  4. Ok nice. If they all last that kind of time then there's no issue. Thanks for the info
  5. I must have misheard, because I thought I heard them say that it was going to start when update 30 dropped. They did say that all the previous stuff would all be available, so I just hope it isnt done like invasions and one will start and go away while I'm at work or something and I will have missed that particular item. I havent played during an anniversary so I'm not sure how they work (how long one of those alerts will last once they pop up)
  6. From everything I heard said on streams, the anniversary alerts were supposed to start when update 30 dropped (maybe a little bit after.) Do we have any idea yet when this is gonna be? I'm assuming something will be said on home time tonight, but I really just dont want to miss the alerts and I havent heard a straight up answer letting people know
  7. Anyone have any clue besides "in april" on the dex alerts? Like, when do the alerts start? I dont have any of the dex items because I havent played on pc for that long. Really excited for the rhino skin and all the other stuff, but I'd love to know when to expect them starting the alerts.
  8. So is my only option to uninstall and then download it again but this time onto my ssd?
  9. Yeah, I've looked into this option before. Most of my games are on my ssd. For some reason the "move install folder" isnt there on warframe. For every other game I have, it is, no clue why.
  10. I don't see a way to move the game in steam, and I wouldnt even bother but Fortuna going into Orb Vallis kills my game most of the time, and it's not my rig. i9 9900k, 3070 gpu, 32 RAM. All I can think of is it's just the drive. Because it's only when loading INTO orb vallis, if I manage to finally get in, loading out after a bounty or Profit Taker fight is no issue, it's just loading into those things that give me a problem, either crashing the game altogether, or loading for so long that when I finally do get in, it says "session not available." So do I need to just uninstall the game a
  11. Yeah, so when I see the "unlink" option on my warframe profile, I click on it, and at the top of the screen this appears: THERE WAS A PROBLEM UNLINKING WITH TWITCH, PLEASE TRY AGAIN. It also shows this right above the unlink button: COULD NOT FIND, CHECK BACK LATER OR TRY AND <A HREF="{{URL('TWITCH/REFRESH')}}" ONCLICK="CLICKANDDISABLE(THIS);">REFRESH YOUR INFO</A> I have no idea what the latter even means.
  12. Thats what I was trying to do. I unlinked on twitch, then immediately went to the warframe site, but it still says its linked, and when I try to unlink from the warframe site, it just says "there was a problem with twitch." As for the support ticket, I tried putting in a new ticket. The only response I got was that they combined the two tickets. What kind of response is that supposed to be? Terrible.
  13. Yeah, I unlinked on the twitch side, but warframe still says its linked, and twitch shows that its clearly not. I put a support ticket in about a month and a half ago and their initial response was asking me to clear cache. Did that, used different browser, tried on mobile instead of desktop, tried a different pc altogether and still the same issue. So now its been well over a month since they've even responded to my last reply in that support ticket. Gotta say, its really ridiculous.
  14. I agree 1000% with everything you said. I'm stuck in account linking limbo because of the whole situation and not getting anything so you're preaching to the choir.
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