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  1. the keybinds for toggle crouch ect. i already knew, and i thought i had been clear enough about knowing that, sorry if i was not clear enough about that although thankyou for going to such a effort to try and help, that aside, you now might be wondering what the issue is then, simply put, for pc on a keybord that may be fine, but for a controller, not so much, why, simple, you cant[unless using steam controller support which means you lose vibration support] bind both the "Crouch, Slide, and Roll" keybind with the "Toggle Crouch" keybind to the same button, or to give you a idea, you cant have both bound to the "LB" left bumper keybind, only one, i even just retested this. without a toggle crouch option in the menu like on xbox, or a toggle crouch version of the "crouch, slide, and roll" keybind the playstyle feels vastly different[at least to me, and im assuming im not alone in that], if you have a xbox with which to freely test what i mean via playing with the "toggle crouch" menu option turned on in the settings then compare it to the lack of such a option being turned on or just the lack of the menu option altogether in pc you may fully understand and or experience how it may feel alien to some people and not just my self. now you may wonder why i don't just play with just toggle crouch bound to "LB" left bumper, simple, while yes i can bullet jump like i normally would, i lose the ability to slide and roll, something that is as far as I'm made aware something people do fairly frequently to help boost travel speed and get from point A to B faster, something along the lines of, slide, bullet jump, jump/roll then back to sliding by the time you touch the ground to keep the[for a lack of a better way to put it] combo running and repeat something along the lines of that till you get to where you need to go, the loss of that function is to much of a hit to me to just use the "toggle crouch bind" now yes there could be a point made of why don't i just get used to the "new" way of doing things, that is the lack of a toggle crouch option in settings, simply put, after playing warframe so long on xbox, moving from point A to B became subconscious to me with the particular set of settings "toggle crouch option set to on" , that to try to relearn how to move effectively again after you have spent so long being used to a certain way makes it rather hard to retrain your brain, although that might just be me. now on the assumption that it is not just me i wonder how much more smooth a transition from one platform to another would be if you didn't have to change how you played the game, controls wise, even if its just for a period of time while you perhaps learn a new set of controls[say from xbox(controller) to pc(keyboard)] if you so wanted to, or if like me, you would just rather play with the controls you are familiar with and just change platform for the overall upgrade that may provide as in my case, hardware. speed and performance eg, old xbox one 45-75second plains of eidolon/orb valis load time vs 5-7seconds load time on pc. i hope this clears up any confusion i may have caused from not putting what i mean in a better format/way, and other then that, i know ive said it before but it bares saying again, thankyou for trying to help.
  2. eh, all good, no problem here, thankyou for the attempt to help, now, i checked and the option IS still there for toggle crouch in the option menu on xbox, just NOT on pc, and i am aware of the key binds you can rebind as stated, just not any that give me a xbox control feel, that is, i had toggle crouch, slide and roll on left bumper, however i cant have all that on left bumper on pc without either a toggle crouch option in settings or a toggle crouch version of the "crouch,slide and roll" bind that currently exists[not counting steam controller support which i currently use to get a simulacrum of what the toggle option does at the expense of no vibrations and it being fiddly], that said however, you did just bring up a good point, i had not taken into account if options where gonna be stored server side or not, granted i was under the assumption that everyone would be manually redoing there settings like i had to but it had not ever occurred to me how much better it might be if settings could be carried over from one platform to another, on that note it makes me wonder what would be the better way to have settings set, one main set all accounts/platforms would/could draw off of or[what i might more prefer] merely perhaps the option to import an individual platforms version if you wanted to, either in whole or in part(s), part(s) perhaps representing you maybe just wanted the control scheme from lets say xbox carried over. hmmm one part of me has to know, by "toggle crouch on PC on right stick and crouch , slide and roll on left stick" does that imply you use the stick press down button clicks(for a lack of a better way to put it) for your binding, if that is the case i imagine that would be rather bad on those buttons/sticks life spans, though i make this assumption based on my own experience with the lifespan of left and right control sticks not being all that high for me, now with that curiosity out of the way, with point 1 that you made, could you elaborate a bit more, I'm not quite sure i grasp what you mean with k drives, though that might be because i don't generally ever touch k drives, even with a 40ft bargepole as i usually have better ways to get from A to B, however, on xbox[granted you are talking about pc] i have never run into any issues like what you seem to be describing with kdrives, at least in regard to toggle crouch as a whole, unless I'm missing something for which i do apologize, as for point 2, i either wasn't aware or forgot that the omni was ability menu bound as well as gear wheel bound[had to go check how it was bound now], that does make me wonder if at some stage it might be possible to rebind those slightly, as from at least the xbox controller perspective while right D pad is bound to omni and left is bound to tactical, that does seem to suggest up and down are respectively free to bind if we had the option, in theory at least.
  3. a minor point for a smoother transition through platforms[in this case xbox to pc], not sure if general feedback or ui related? tldr[i.e. the short], the issue: xbox[not sure about other platforms] has toggle crouch option in settings, pc does not have the same option in terms of controller support [a toggle crouch, slide and roll button/bind so to speak], without such a option if you learnt warframe on xbox for a long time then, came to pc, it can feel alien/unplayable on controller to some[like me] due to what can feel like a whole new control scheme even though its only one button that is different. the remedy: add or add back [not sure if there ever was on pc] a toggle crouch option to settings or a toggle crouch version of the "crouch, slide and roll" bind on controller. why: it would, at least as far as my experience with xbox[and having gotten used to toggle crouch on controller], make the transition from xbox to pc more seamless and less of a hassle if you wished to keep using controller for however long you wanted to. as for other platforms having complete control scheme parity capability across all platforms as best is possible would seem like a more inviting prospect for trying out different platforms as far as i can see. the "slightly" longer version: i just had one thought about cross-save pop into my mind with it coming soon™, with the overall ease of access it will provide to everyone now regardless of their starting platform i have one minor concern, that being control scheme parity/continuity. when i started on xbox, there was/is a option in the settings menu for toggle crouch, that setting does not seem to exist on pc as far as i can find, at least when i made the jump from xbox to pc a while back that is. i was a little annoyed to find there was no toggle crouch option setting for controllers in the settings menu [if it was like xbox it should of been near the toggle sprint option]. this made controller for pc feel alien to me by contrast to how i had played warframe with toggle crouch "on" on xbox for over 1000hrs, this lead me to trying to find a way to fix that issue. i found you could "bind/rebind" toggle crouch on controllers but that did not work as intended for me for it did not also include the slide and roll functions effectively making it a useless find. then i found steam controller support, over the course of 3 days of fine tuning the settings i managed to get a fair enough although sometimes buggy simulacrum of what i had on xbox for a control scheme with steam controller support, the only thing missing being vibration support [of which some might argue is one of the sole reasons to use a controller for that added "feel" to the moment], now I'm not sure if pc has ever had the option to at one stage have toggle crouch "on" as a option and not a key bind but it would be nice to see that back if it ever was, so if someone coming over from xbox[or i imagine other platform(s) if they have a similar issue] comes to pc [with cross save now a thing to happen] and wants to continue using a controller for however long they want, it can be a smooth, seamless, transition if possible. this is just my one minor issue/thought i see with cross save related controls that i would like to see fixed and to be frank i would love to feel vibrations on my controller once more while playing warframe and not have to deal with fine tuning settings every time something changes for what ever reason.[controller settings might change/reset on me every now and then and or game changes, etc.]. thankyou to anyone who reads this through, i wouldn't mind knowing how everyone else sees/stands on this admittedly[as i see it] rather small[technically in the grand scheme of things] overall issue and if anyone else reckons it warrants a small patch/fix[assuming it is a small fix of course and not a nightmare]?
  4. hmmm, for my 2 cents, i would love to see scattered justice on the kuva hek purely because maximum dakka/pellets/de wall of lead, however as for napkin math, mine comes back that DE are more or less right from what numbers i can get. EDIT: none of this is taking into account a kuva weapons up to 60% innate damage bonus thingy as i forgot, so kuva hek might do over 100-110k a shot then? short TLDR napkin math[theoretical damage taking into account crits but not arcanes, although untested]: kuva hek, 97k per shot[400k alt quad shot?] hek, 43-60k damage per shot vaykor hek, 82k damage per shot the long napkin math/word wall?:
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