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  1. Oh yeah sorry let me rephrase that. I believe the stats I have now are "bad" and I hope rerolling it would give me something I like. On that last paragraph, does that mean that since the nikana has bad riven disposition, no matter how many times I reroll I'll get different stats but with similar numbers to the one I already have? Or is it possible to get a 100% crit chance for example.
  2. I'd like to apologize beforehand because this is my first time even bothering with Rivens, I may not know their correct terminologies or how they work. My question is. If I have a Nikana riven with really bad stats (+15% crit chance, +4% damage to infested) and I decide to use the kuva rerolling thing, can I get better stats? I know the nikana has really bad riven dispo, which I think works when unveiling a riven, but does it affect stats given when rerolling? also it is an MR 9 currently, will rerolling increase its MR?
  3. Thank you! Yes, I did read the wiki page, but people in the comments were saying otherwise. Which made me hesitant to try and get the mod afraid I’d waste my time. Anyway, thank you for clarifying! Another question tho, why is it a bad mod?
  4. Is the stand united mod good? I tried doing a little search before asking this question here, but I saw mixed thoughts on the effectiveness of the mod. Some say it additively enhances your armor after all the armor mods you place, some say it only enhances your base armor.
  5. I’m glad I can just ignore the lich, I was afraid I’d have to ignore the whole planet to avoid leveling the lich up when I fail to defeat it. Thank you!
  6. I accidentally summoned a kuva lich while trying to get health. Now I am screwed. It went like this: I was using Mesa to farm focus on Adaro in Sedna and since I am not really good with Mesa yet and have no other way to restore energy, I just slapped the equilibrium mod, and to complement that I decided I’d bring a melee weapon which was Broken Staff, which gives you the ability to absorb (not sure what the term was) fallen enemies for health orbs, this way I restore both. This turned out to be a good and bad idea for me. It helped me a lot trying to survive, but when I was corner
  7. I only recently got a hold of hunter adrenaline, but I don’t think it goes well with my current mods, I prioritize armor and power strength for my nezha so that the halo’s health is high. I also have only recently unlocked tenno schools, went with zenurik but have problems unlocking the energy dash. I also don’t know if I can unlock the energy dash right away or do I need to unlock the one in the middle first.
  8. I just wanted to know how do I stop worrying about my energy when on missions? I put energy siphon and coaction drift on all my warframes instead of putting something that could benefit the frames abilities. This didn’t bother me for a while until the time a friend of mine in game showed me the opticor vandal, I knew I wanted one for myself but I couldn’t find people all the time to help me farm fractures, so I had to solo a few runs. Throughout the runs I used my nezha since he was my most tanky frame. But despite his DR there were times where I ran out of energy, so I holed my self up i
  9. I’m just curious. When do you guys think mesa prime vault would release again?
  10. Hey man, I’m an MR 6. I’d love to run with you, can we also do the Thermia Fractures, along the run for the event weapon? Sorry didn’t see this was for pc
  11. Ohh okay. Would there be any reason to justify owning to primed variants of the same warframe?
  12. Good day! What happens if I purchase the Nezha Prime Access Pack while already owning Nezha Prime? Am I also able to use the weapons included in the pack right away? I searched the wiki and it says I need MR 12 to even craft the weapon. Will I own 2 Nezha Prime warframes? Or will the other one be converted into platinum or something. Thank you!
  13. Sorry for the confusion, I meant a third party site which I wont mention as I am not sure it is allowed.
  14. Both are correct actually. I was watching the warframe tier list on youtube and saw equinox has good skills. Then I looked it up and saw how good it looks. I tried checking the marketplace and found the set being sold for cheap.
  15. Thank you for your reply! I see, so they are not the crafting components themselves? Meaning, I’d have to grind for their materials first before I can craft them? Yeah I realized I must try it out first, which is why I havent bought it yet. I just wanted to know what is included in this set in case I decide to go ahead and buy a set in the future. Thank you once again!
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