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  1. agreed. as I said before, I can only play in weekends and log in everyday isnt always an option.
  2. Imagine that you dont need to do all of these and just stand still shooting throw the walls. Try to watch any Youtube videos.
  3. Well, Void dash means a lot of energy pods. and also still taking time to finish the run. " same thing " but trust me with Zenith the profit-taker would be much easier. just because u finished 2 phases too fast.
  4. I do have Exodia Contagion with a dokham zaw, and yea I'm talking about the "Punch Through thing" So I can hit the Pylons through the Bubbles as you mentioned before. and also that can cover a good amount of damage and elements beside the nukor and the Zaw. This would save a good amount of time like 1 or 1.2 mins.
  5. who said i'm forced to take it into the fight, But lets be honest. give me a weapon name who can do the same job and make the mission easier for a solo player. " cuz I play in time that no one is doing Profit-taker ". But as I said before, I miss click to another weapon. and there's nothing I can do but wait another 200 days. This is not okay...
  6. Hello everyone, Today I just wanted to talk about these type of rewards, Like weapons, mods etc... First of all, We all know that we get after 100 days a rare rewards. That also still can be purchased from Cephalon Simaris. but the point here. not all know what we are picking. and someone of us miss click the weapon or the mod. Furthermore, This is so hard and upset to know that you have to wait another 200 days to get the right weapon or the weapon that you want/need. Well, I'm here to talk about the daily login milestone @ 100th day so. there was 3 options. I know that I need to pick [zenith] cuz i'm into profit taker alot. So i was waiting this weapon so bad. And at the end of the day " miss click " to another weapon. the melee one. Most importantly, I'm here to ask Why would not the other weapons can be available at Cephalon Simaris with 100.000 Standing. Why we have to wait 200 days to get another chance to pick another weapon. Having said that, because I really enjoy playing the game, but making many things hard to do and you have to be active as much as possible doesnt fit me. Most of us has daily work and someone us also a students "Imagine that I'm a student and working at the same time " Playing the game in my weekend and at the very late late night with my friends. not always able to open for the daily login or the rewards. Idk if my suggest was clear or not. But i'm here today to ask DEV to make things easy for everyone. Like these rare rewards should be available at Cephalon Simaris for standing like the rest. so we can be able to buy it when needed. we dont have to wait much time.. 200 days IS A LOT FOR EVERYONE " ALMOST A YEAR OF LOGGING EVERY DAY " I hope if you can help us here with your opinion. Thanks for your time and I hope if this would be helpful. Best regards. CrueltyTeam
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