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  1. I wanted to ask just out of curiosity, what happens if we put a stance mod in a different polarity in melee weapons, does it reduce the dps of the weapon or are there any other disadvantages?
  2. Oooohhh thank you for the explanation till now i thought that was the experience i get for completing a particular mastery like a gun mastery or a sentinel mastery.
  3. When you have to see your mastery rank you go to menu and then you take the cursor to the top left and click on show profile, so it shows your mastery rank and when you hover the cursor over your mastery rank it gives you your mastery breakdown, so in there it is written 9673 in front of missions.
  4. Oohhh ok now i understand but how much xp will i get if i complete a node, i mean i know different mastery ranks have different xp but mine shows 9673 so i just wanted to understand ehat this number meant, does it mean if i do 1 node will it give me 9673 xp which is clearly not the case or is it something else?
  5. When you summon your k-drive just switch to your secondary and blast away the enemies, this should count towards the nightwave challenge.
  6. I am a little confused with the mastery breakdown and levelling up system, its written in my mastery breakdown that it gives 9673 but when i actually did a mission with all my weapons maxed out then i did not get any xp towards my mastery rank.
  7. I can't find mesa prime relics at all even in the codex, i only have 2 relics which give her blueprint and neuroptics but i am trying to find other relics related to chasis and systems, is it because she is vaulted?
  8. Please tell me what exactly are rotations, i am seeing a lot of youtubers using the word rotation like you will get this resource on rotation A or rotation B.
  9. Thank you guy for helping so basically tasks in a bounty is a stage like in 1 bounty there are 3 tasks to complete so 3 stages.
  10. Hi guys, i am new to warframe and i wanted to knownwhat are stages in a bounty, i have seen youtube videos where people are talking about stages in a bounty and i have no clue about it, please correct me if i am wrong are the stages of a bounty related to how many times i complete the bounty again and again?
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