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  1. the first thing that came to my mind was "Sloth"...not because hes lazy neccessarily but usually when u eat a lot u end up slow and tired and u really need to take ur time for everything...so maybe that could fit him too in the end, who knows.
  2. she plays nicer than what the previews from dev streams looked like for sure, but there are some points which should be considered: her passive is awesome, cant complain. if a player stays on the run and jumps/bulletjumps, maybe even has rolling guard and/or adaptation and arcanes then she can survive quite well. her buffs are real nice, nothing to complain directly right here. her will-o is fine, but i feel like it should be affected by her own sprint speed and sprint buffs. i also think its cost should be reduced during sol gate. her 3 could use 2-3m more base range and the chance for a breach spark feels way too low. i think it should be high enough to mod it to 100% if we wanted to. sol gate...fun to use, more than i thought but it could really really use unlimited punch through against enemies and some more dmg instances. not more total damage but more single damage instances of less dmg than currently. this would really improve its effectivity against higher lvled enemies with armor since corr would be able to procc more often in less time. rad proccs dont care anyway and heat...well, since when did heat proccs matter in terms of damage so... uhm, no...she wont be anywhere close to a "meta" frame, so to say...and she doesnt have to. even if she is supposed to she would require some INSANE buffs to scratch that group of frames.
  3. we know too little about him to actually give "constructive" feedback imo. it literally was a very rought preview. we know no details, no special interactions or kit-internal synergies yet so its hard to judge him by just simple core ideas.
  4. riven are useless if u only stick to weapons that are already strong. rivens were and are meant to make weaker weapons "competitive". amprex and ignis wraith with an without a riven are basically still just as good, they just kill a tad faster but in essence its "only" a bit more killspeed, they dont need a riven. its a reason/motivation to play tho since RNG "equipment" doesnt exist since warframe, many other games already had it before...in warframe its just optional i guess. read the mod texts again...like...really....
  5. sry, they dont stand a chance against a good riven. the effect for other weapons is only minor or its general utility. ur 3% life steal example is not really that important when u have magus repair for example, which not only heals but also gives the zenurik energy reg since that triggers at the same time so that on its own is already a killer-argument for why 3% life steal doesnt matter at all in the big scheme. magus repair +magus lockdown + zenurik and u can basically beat most of the star chart only using ur operator and even ignoring that u basically have energy +health regen which beats any other neutral regen in the game. only specific stuff from trinity for example is better but thats bound to the frame, operator stuff works on them all. the amalgams give some nice utility at the cost of some base stats u dont need or even more base stats like amalgam true steel, but in terms of damage they dont beat a good riven. thats not their point though...its utility. also...why riven vs amalgam anyway ? rivens beat any other mod ingame in terms of slot value, maybe except for a low stat-roll 3/-1 of a low dispositioned weapon but ignoring such cases no mod aside of another riven beats them in terms of slot efficiency. thats not the amalgams purpose tho so comparing them is not really fair.
  6. even hunter munitions doesnt save latrons...and status chance is only a puncture procc party which does 0...these are screaming "buff me" since a long time and the stats buff a while back was nice but paper damage alone doesnt really help them, at least not on its own.
  7. can understand both sides. i think rarely giving it out via baro is DE's way to try and lower the amount of people trying to sell the blueprint. i do agree that it devalues a clan's effort, but on the other hand letting baro occasionally have it also has its pros. its unfair to only see the cons since both sides are valid. in my opinion making such a blueprint exclusive is the wrong choice to begin with. if anything it should be a special skin, like deluxe skins that also change animations/effects for example, where u can regularly get the weapon itself but an exclusive skin shows a certain achievement. that being said, i didnt like ignis w. blueprint being clan exclusive from the start. it shouldve been a reward from the event and then baro/trade exclusive and winning clans shouldve gotten a very special, REALLY exclusive skin to not lock the weapon and link it to either devaluing it or making it a potential credits-plat-conversion, if someone really actually sells a blueprint....
  8. Xydeth

    Buggy Shadows

    small update: reinstalled drivers, again, from scratch -> did nothing. the issue has to do with "character shadows" option which enables shadows to be projected on characters/warframes. after reinstalling my drivers yet again (clean reinstall of latest ones) i am quite sure its got nothing to do with my system. hopefully fix soon...i dont really like turning this option off since it does add to the graphics quite a bit but with these bugs the whole "feature" is pretty much ruined 😞 maybe the info that i am using AMD adrenaline 2019 and its latest drivers helps.
  9. every projectile can crit on its own, as it is the case with every weapon in the game (beam weapons bit different) so the pellet that crits has a 30% chance. if multiple projectiles do then ofc u will get multiple proccs per shot.
  10. save urself the time to do the same for puncture and impact. who would increase impact/puncture parallel to status chance when we only really want slash proccs aside of melee weapons and even then we only want a very few for condition. if they still came into the game for completions sake or cause the proccs were buffed thats np, but ur point is clear 😉 slash/status is enough as an example i think.
  11. i do use them and they are more than just usable. lanka getting "abused" to only hunt eidolons before rubico prime was always overshadowing the madness gas/electric lanka is and in all honesty i wonder how many people use aoe stuff like ignis when a well placed lanka shot insta wipes a group of lv 100 enemies no matter their armor and whatnot, unbuffed or anything. snipers have the advantage of combo counter too and whilst nerfing their rivens further is bad at this point because especially multishot values are already reaching questionable amounts i dont think the nerf was too bad. people hype lanka and especially rubico, vectis is nothing to laugh about too and vulkar wraith is great but rarely used so it still has a very good but honestly appropriate disposition. nerfing vulkar wraith dispo would be highly questionable too but even generally i think the sniper rivens overall are at a "fine" spot right now considering their power/usage/hype. personally i would differentiate more between rubico, lanka and vectis since these share a similar disposition, 0.85 aside of rubico with 0.8 and give lanka 0.95 since its charge is a killer for some people and a downside actually. vectis can be really rapid fire so its fine all things considered even with the not-too-great multishot values on average.
  12. status chance on daikyu is deceptive. u want hunter munitions for slash proccs later if anything and even with fanged fussilade slash proccs from status chance are unreliable and only "support" hunter munitions, no matter if u have close to 100% status chance or reduced status chance due to a -status riven for example, like mine. viral proccs are also really inconsistent since u probably wont reach really high viral dmg numbers which would make viral consistent enough and only occasionally have one, aside of the mod slots issue. maybe with primed cryo rounds and that cold dmg on ur riven less of an issue but would have to guess how reliable the slash proccs are then. arcane acceleration for some more fire rate and 2-3 shots for viral +slash, could see that happening on average. personally i would try to maximize multishot and general "base" and crit dmg alsongside crit chance ofc and go for slash proccs as mentioned. can reach 15k+ slash procc ticks per projectile which will carry u quite a while, especially with that innate punch through. imo thats the better option for daikyu unless its paired with an anti armor frame for example, but independantly and ignoring any warframe buffs/help consistent slash proccs would be my goal on daikyu. wouldnt neccessarily roll ur riven since its already quite good imo and in the end its a personal opinion of the owner if the riven doesnt need rolling anymore or still does. try it out, i can see cold being fine for viral proccs alone even without a slash focused build if u pair it with the right frame but trying > theory.
  13. aklex, panthera and angstrum didnt. akjagara and akvasto with the right riven are slash/viral monsters, now as before. the nerf does reduce that ofc but it doesnt make them any worse weapons overall. lato..no clue, dont have it dont use it. stradavar....no big deal, still a good weapon even with a +recoil riven and the nerf wasnt too big. baza doesnt really matter, it still needs hunter munitions later and without more multishot its really unreliable anyway, aside of the meh status chance and IPS distribution. might as well use soma with a riven now, the difference in these 2 is really minimal now, both similar issues anyway and paper dps alone only matters vs lower enemies anyway but these die even without a riven so there is that dilemma i guess~ overall i would say its a mixed bag. i dont understand the aklex, panthera and angstrum nerfs myself since i never see them and aside of panthera i dont even use them anymore myself, panthera here and there but still...strange decision to nerf these, especially since their performance isnt really impressive in comparison to others. the rest imo doesnt matter too much or is fine for balance's sake.
  14. Xydeth

    Primed aura mods?

    nerfing CP wouldnt help so the only solution is buffing the others by a lot but even then -armor is just stronger especially sind every other aura except for -shield doesnt give anything really unique which would make it a difficult decision so...they should provide stats which have something unique or a unique scaling, like scaling with total rather than base stats. physique on an inaros but using his modded, total health ? i could see that being much more of a difficult decision although since he works with finishers its prolly a less optimal example but i suppose the point is clear~
  15. the gas procc is a one time AoE cloud that deals dmg and proccs toxin on all enemies in the AoE so it basically has 0 duration since its a 1 time effect like corrosive is a 1 time reduction to armor and whilst the status is basically eternally on the enemy (for condition overload important or healing return) there is still no further effect. the toxin proccs it causes are affected though.
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