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  1. this. though i assume its save ti guess that psychic bolts is the only ability nyx can donate, the rest is either ult or signature. cant imagine chaos. psychic bolts is pretty underrated, especially with the augment its cc + indirect +dmg due to removing enemy defenses. some frames would love to have that.
  2. i feel u, though not with mag corpra, but we all got our taste. lets hope we all get what we want, even though that is impossible but lets dream. *xenomorph valkyr skin dreams intensifying*
  3. if u want the player base to decline even more then lock fun features behind max MR....sure sure. now lets not talk about the potential power abuse this mode offers. if this mode gets added one way or another it should exclude new players. this.
  4. if u already received a perma ban then u shouldnt get ur hopes high. ive not heard of a perma ban getting lifted. that doesnt have to mean too much since i dont know all players ofc, but iirc DE stated that such software is always "use at own risc" and in my opinion players should inform themselves prior to usage since u can hardly do much afterwards. if u know u have a health issue right now then why just not do 5h+ runs ? good luck in any case and i wish u a good recovery too.
  5. as said above: use at ur own risc. afaik there is an automated system that either detects 3rd software as malicious or not and if the 1st is the case then u will receive a strike. even if ur software was fine before it could change at some point so i dare say: play urself and dont let software do at least half of the playing. whats the point in playing when software does at least a big portion of it ? if u still want to use such software then each and everytime u start warframe is a risc of receiving a strike afaik.
  6. her 4 should deal damage at the starting point too, not just at her location when it ends. it is flat damage which depends on her own dmg and hence doesnt literally scale with enemies. getting energy back is nice and fine but it shouldnt be overrated. gaining energy during 4 will result in that being lost if not spent so its a bit of a double edged sword. also, give the explision a minimion damage. usually player should deal dmg during her 4 but it wouldnt hurt to give it 1000 base damage for example. if she really dealt lots of damage 1k wont matter in the end and if she didnt then at least there is 1k more.
  7. hunter munitions with viral saves it. so yea, its good. definitely not top #5 automatics but i dont see a reason to not recommend it, unless u dont want to build hm/viral. without hm/viral u might as well treat it as mastery fodder since status is not high enough to get away with anything else, aside of viral/slash having no competition right now.
  8. idd. whenever someone mentions mag usually they complain how bad she is when shes really really strong actually. as soon as some more obvious and straightforward frames have some nice dmg numbers going for them, ppl scream for nerfs all of a sudden....
  9. how does that matter ? these lvls are still nieche anyway. rather than nerfing the few that can manage that DE should buff those with obvious issues and bring all frames more or less in line in terms of power. if a frame has no nuking then all other qualities should make up for that one way or another. we could argue the same in terms of mods like the unbalanced mess combo mods and hunter munitions are...meanwhile DE throws status in a worse spot than it was before. 10m radius is low. if we talk about long runs how about u look at octavia for example ? she REALLY scales with enemies and her AoE is much much higher. her whole kit screams for long runs. khora abuses combo and melee mod scaling. if combo mods especially werent such an unbalanced mess then khora wouldnt even come close to any other frames dps and the low AoE wouldnt be justified. she has no scaling with enemies really, the only reason she can keep up is combo mods. dont try to use long runs as an argument when there are way better frames for that and its nieche anyway. its way wiser to bring other frames up in power lvl to those which actually have something really going for them rather than nerfing the better ones.
  10. loki doesnt matter. this nerf mentality is still ridiculous...khora AoE isnt even high so it makes sense she deals fine dmg in a more focused area. its pretty much her bread and butter dmg wise, the rest is cc/utility. how about BUFF the frames with obvious issues ? no ? comminuty prefers to scream for nerfs since years.
  11. not that it would change anything really.
  12. the amount of QQ over a small nerf for a weapon that was/is clearly overtuned is hilarious. it needs to be nerfed a tad more, ngl. less clusters already means less total damage potential but its still a straight zarr upgrade and trivializes more weapons than just zarr...hell if it was just zarr that wouldnt mean much anymore. also balance wise its always a bad idea to copy/paste a weapon with simply better stats, because thats what bramma is: copy/paste zarr with better stats made a bow. its literally zarr 2.0 for no reason. is it that difficult to create weapons with interesting new gimmicks ? i really wonder because there are so many ways to make weapons unique but then we get overtuned copies of older weapons instead.... nerf it until its "balanced" but either bramma will be the overused sillyness it was/is or it will be on zarrs level of power and noone will really use it because then its literally a zarr variant instead of an upgrade. if a weapon gets a gimmick then pls give it a unique gimmick and not copy/paste from another one. thats not healthy for balance, nor is it interesting to be like "oh...so its basically a zarr made good rn, i see ! thanks !"
  13. 1 way to solve the hype-market. nice one actually. yep, makes sense. lets hope it hits the mark.
  14. considering how long catchmoon was left unchanged this is actually quite the fast change so thanks~ i dont want to be THAT guy right here, BUT for quite some time strong, new weapons have caused quite the hype in terms of the riven and now also kuva weapon market. new weapons need to be stronger or have something that sets them apart from others, of course, but some weapons seem so overpowered from the getgo and others way too weak or get an interesting interaction fixed that maybe its better to not overdo the powercreeping as much as it was the case with catchmoon and now bramma and instead buff the weapons if u see them not being where u want them to be. that would solve the nerf-mentality and also be better for people who got a riven and will soon see the dispo drop after the weapon got nerfed. a slight dispo change and small buff to a weapon that was a bit underperforming is much better than a nerf to both. also: cyanex is bad right now but received 2 dispo nerfs. for priming its power ddidnt even matter so even here its a big ? concerning the dispo nerfs. even akarius as a better cyanex is not more than average. please consider helping these out. ofc i dont know if a prime is planned for akarius and im pretty sure cyanex couldnt receive one cause its not a tenno weapon, but some weapons struggle even with a g-roll riven. they both are pretty new so please consider a review for both the weapons and the riven dispo. also remember/consider please that the homing projectiles are more of a downside than an advantage since they seek out the bodies, not heads specifically. headshots are important but these weapons cant really make any use of it aside of accidents or cyanex even worse alt fire. on top of that akarius is a roket launcher basically so the homing rokets dont make a lot of sense anyway since it has AoE and aiming is pretty much as rough as it gets. please consider a change here or at least consider this in terms of the weapons stats and dispo. its really more of a disadvantage than an advantage, especially on akarius but also on cyanex.
  15. impact and puncture dont matter at all, u just want them as low as possible, 0 at best. heat has no place in there when u use viral/slash or HM/viral, it will just delude the proccs. we had this discussion in another thread and ur pyramid would be fine if it actually was expressive but i wonder why u insist on spreading that picture when all it really does is confuse ppl who dont know the dmg system at all. u never want everything to be equal because usually everything is limited to a certain function for proper balancing reasons, like corrosive should be universally great against armor, which it is not currently and thats one of the big issues for why viral(/slash) is absolute meta. there will always be "better" and "worse" but the issue is the gap right now and lack of real choice and diversity. when everything but viral/slash is as bad as it currently is due to unjustified nerfs then theres no real choice anymore. same goes for gas. its just average at best against most things. even against corpus its not worth going for it and the only thing that really makes it worth considering against corpus at all is its AoE. magnetic was bad before, so it didnt change and is excused...kind of. gas was awesome before, so here again one huge nerf for no reason.
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