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  1. sporothrix....i so jumped when i saw the name and then its not the melee i made for the contest back in 2017....oh well i'll think that the name idea at least wasnt in vain and am happy~
  2. i tried with the new tech and without. if its a forced setting on the open world maps which we cant deactivate then its pointless to mention this but either way the stutter is too annoying to play them. hell if this caused me a BSOD or high CPU load i would banish the open worlds from my to-play list for quite some time until its resolved. high CPU load and temp is even in the realm of possibly causing hardware dmg depending on cooling, aside of the airplane noise and generally heated case, BSOD doesnt feel too nice either no matter how u look at it. im already going crazy when my GP
  3. glaive is only really useful because u can abuse the forced slash on throw. with the right riven u have nearly always viral +slash on throw and thats very strong but still a nieche way to play. its just not as convenient as spamming the melee button. smooth transition to xoris: u can spam melee for all eternity and dont even have to worry. technically glaive has to worry bout combo dura. i agree, xoris dispo is too low but since combo dura doesnt have to be modded for u basically gain mod slot(s) so accounting for that the dispo should be a bit lower.
  4. if u do not want to update is totally ur decision, but this might be related to outdated drivers. hard to tell. so.....yea, what do u expect ppl to tell u when u open with "yes, my drivers aint up to date" ?
  5. So, ive been inactive for some time and missed some updates/fixes so no clue after which point these issues started to occur, but ive been on a bit during the last days and the open world maps so as their hub areas have some real performance issues, at least for me, and they didnt use to. Both with and without the new rendering tech i wanna add so its not the deferred renderings fault i suppose. It sure intensifies the issues but mainly because its a more demanding option. Since im someone who suspects his own system very fast i wanna note that its not. Latest drivers/windows install
  6. someone asked a question here. if all ur doing is "try it out" when someone is obviously asking for opinions and advice then u might as well write nothing at all. if u care so little about things other people might know that u havent figured urself yet and dont want to exchange opinions/knowledge then why do u bother reading a question from a fellow player, especially since u seem to not want to give any good answers ? ...and no, ur answer is not good at all, its rude.
  7. scourge. ferrox can be zenistar 2.0 or opticor, whicever u want. the alt fire build is kinda defensive and best to lockdown a certain point but can work "on the run". could as well use opticor v instead of ferrox built for primary fire, riven dispo aside. javlok sadly is the least practical/worst overall. scourge is not hm/viral viable (aside of very specific things like harrow/adarza/avenger) but can use viral/corr/heat vs grineer for example. its status application makes up for its lack in direct dmg. worst case combine it with a buffing frame but its already good on its own.
  8. so, this is ur personal take on trade chat. the few individuals ive come accross which really were "toxic" were an easy insta ignore - done. ppl nowadays are so fast to use "toxic" when the term doesnt even really apply for the most part. if u dislike trade chat feel free to not use it, ur choice. calling everyone, including me by the way, toxic just because we use trade chat is pretty bold to say the least. in terms of prices: no matter which of the external auction houses u use u can get "scammed" anywhere since riven prices vary wildly wherever u look. other things have mor
  9. why do u decide to give out abilities which vary so much in usefulness, OBVIOUSLY, and get ppl excited for some and wondering about others...and then nerf the ones that actually sound nice on many frames before u even have real live feedback ? again u choose nerf-mentality over buffing those abilities noone would give a flying rats a.... about. theres a reason why most people dont care about many abilities...they suck...they are not even really worth wasting energy for. why would anyone spend ressources on giving another frame an average (at best) ability. might as well not because it won
  10. this. though i assume its save ti guess that psychic bolts is the only ability nyx can donate, the rest is either ult or signature. cant imagine chaos. psychic bolts is pretty underrated, especially with the augment its cc + indirect +dmg due to removing enemy defenses. some frames would love to have that.
  11. i feel u, though not with mag corpra, but we all got our taste. lets hope we all get what we want, even though that is impossible but lets dream. *xenomorph valkyr skin dreams intensifying*
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