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  1. as soon as u stop caring about what some people try to sell u as "meta" on trade chat the riven system becomes as great as any other comparable RNG system in other games. if someone dislikes grind by default the riven system wont be their thing. disliking RNG is highly taste but as a matter of fact it gives a reason to grind so everyone can ignore it or embrace it, its really a personal thing. from what i can tell most people who dislike it or complain about it a lot want a "meta" riven which sells for thousands of plat but dont have luck, so they blame the system instead of just ignoring what others think. sure, rivens can be great for trading, but someone should be aware that its a gamble or just sell unrolled ones to begin with. easy as that in my opinion. there will always be points that can be critizised depending on the point of view/opinion, but same works the other way around. in my opinion there should not be any way to inlfuence riven stats, simply because some rolls already make many weapons more than what some people call "meta". some weapons get hyped, but really the truly strong weapons arent the hyped ones, they just need the right riven. the point is: many people focus certain sell-good stats and try to advertise them as neccessary when in reality there are many combinations that are very very good. also, buffing flat paper dps is nice and fine, but most weapons kill stuff easily below lv 100 anyway and above that paper dps isnt really what most weapons need. acceltra is such an example imo. the moment someone stops following hype, be it certain sell-good riven stats or "meta" weapons the riven system becomes much better imo, even if its still RNG. in the end this is an issue of competitive thinking "i need something others will be impressed by" or just sell value, or simply not being willing to check out other weapons besides what the general base thinks of as "fun" and "good"...but again in the end thats the players in my opinion, not the system itself.
  2. Sacrifical Chamber.....also sets any snipers magazine to 1 shot and grants +25% damage per shot sacrificed this way...when DE ?
  3. all this baro really did was get rid of a lot of prime parts and the value of a collectors item. i mean the value was insane but still. i doubt a lot of people will actually use this mod...hype now because its still known as the rarest mod ingame but it will surely see hardly any usage since it doesnt exactly work on every sniper to begin with...technically for sure but practically highly limited.
  4. how would a weapon get +toxin dmg just from putting a card on it ? how would it get +electic dmg without actually getting a device attached to it that produces electrical current and charges it ? how would a weapon have more critical chance ? what is a critical hit in real life even ? how are all of these things numbers we can see ? show me a real rifle on which i can see these numbers. show me a manufacturer delivering products with such information in the manual. if u really want to complain about multishot how about u explain these things first ? there are many more tho so even if u could it would be a long way until we reached multishot logic wise. have fun applying real life logic to a game about space ninjas with dogs which hatch from eggs and cats with fish tails and scales.
  5. theres no reason to change a stat that works totally fine and has its clear advantage over +raw dmg other than scaling differences with other mods. multishot always makes sense because it literally means +projectile. the only exception are beam weapons where its effectively a differently scaling +dmg mod. how do u think it doesnt make sense ? +projectile chance on a rifle...on a shottie...on a sniper....on a launcher....0 difference, its always +projectile and makes sense. a beam is also a "projectile", simply made of energy, ferrox or opticor for example so no problem there either logic wise. that aside, the few base mods dont make ur weapons great against high lvl enemies and lvl 90 is not high level unless its silly scaled armored enemies in railjack. in any case thats no basis to base ur argument on. the combination of many different mods on the right weapon (with the right riven) make weapons powerful. its never as easy as just slapping 1-3 mods alone on a weapon and going to town. also, on primaries its 3 slots "reserved" for these mods, sometimes maybe heavy cal, still leaves enough room for choice. there will always be mods that form the "basis" of 99% of the builds. suggesting a change for the sake of changing is not really a good reason. i also wonder why u would even complain like this...its not like these mods are hard to get...do u want to complain about crit weapons requiring +crit chance and +crit dmg too ? thats actually a higher dependancy than on multishot in general. if multishot was generally THE meta stat i guess rivens would be way more expensive just for having multishot, if they do ofc.
  6. infested attack corpus and grineer....we do that too but for some reason we defend them against infested as if tenno were mercenaries. if lotus and the tenno really sticked to their own beliefs they would let the infested just do their thing against grineer and corpus and wipe the infestation afterwards. its not as if anyone could match the tenno in terms of corpus and grineer kills and in the end its easier to kill the infested than the others. new feature: join the infested and warp ur frames...customize them with the mutations offered ! mutalist frame line....oh how i would love that.
  7. i agree with everything but the RNG stat aspect. what many people dont get is that this is the same as drop chances and hence an actual motivation drop wise to keep playing. what happens if u got everything on the 1st attempt ? right, drops wouldnt be a reason to play anymore and people are already complaining about long term content. there are other PvE games which have had rng statted equip before warframe and noone ever complained. its actually part of what makes games a "looter"...u play the game for farming the items u want and rng statted equip just expands this by a lot easily. i agree with all the rest, but it seems people hate on rng equipment without thinking twice about the positives. u can always find negatives if u want to, but whats the alternative ? u can make great content all u want, if u make a very good instance/dungeon/raid sure people will play it for fun some time, but most people will quickly stop doing so if they dont get any good rewards, which already is a critique people state in warframe - drop balance. rng stat equip solves that issue easily and its hard to really solve it otherwise unless u set abyssmal drop rates on "normal" items and then people will complain again. either way u cant satisfy everyone but rng stat equip is the better long term decision since most people wont get their perfect drop, so they will farm for a while unless the content is totally unfun. also the items with great stats have "value" due to their rarity which is also something to keep in mind. feel free to dislike it or disagree, but i dare say this is more fact than opinion due to the very nature of rng stat drops vs fixed stat drops.
  8. 20 noggles now~ starting to look good~
  9. i dont mind the tentacles, but i mind the extremely clipping right shoulder "blades" of day form since they basically clip with everything we use as shoulder decor and basically ruin every fashion setup. whilst walking/running the arm/shoulder itself clips through it too so there should be some thoughts of changing that in my opinion since it makes this skin much worse for dayform users since why do fashion framing when the insane clipping ruins it anyway ?
  10. i actually had a bug and yes, it was as silly as it sounds: an enemy crewship spawned in my drydock after a mission and started flying/clipping around whilst shooting. spawned in the drydock slightly below and in front of my railjack. my computer manages warframe 200fps + at times if i disable v-sync and whilst it was a bug and probably had strange technical interaction my frames went to below 10. i still think performance wouldnt be the reason for a scale change since railjack missions run super well, averaging for me around 160 frames without v-sync. thats a bit more than on open world maps with lots of enemies/effects on screen. my point though is that their size was more or less identical so i think what is done is warframes in arch wing mode are scaled up so that they arent even smaller in comparison. thats just my assumption because i cant imagine that enemy crewship scaling up in my drydock since that was a bug anyway so i think it spawned with its original size. this supports that assumption.
  11. due to armor only affecting health both are better on pets than shields but all of this is also very dependant on the frame since it is the basis of the calculation. a squishy frame will never give pets good stats to survive at least a bit. sadly there s no adaptation-link (yet) but generally shield link is only worth it if the frame has nothing else to provide. dont expect a tanky pet with a squishy frame in usage. even if the frame is quite tanky pets usually are the weakest part of the loadout even tho its funny at times when a kitty kills an enemy ur just about to shoot.
  12. doesnt mean every drakon nik riven was valuable. reroll rivens werent as expensive for hyped weapons as they are now. such a riven was never 800p, no matter if unrolled or not. specific stats on rivens would be elements/slash/-IP which are build/procc specific like slash/viral focussed and u want +slash on the riven to boost the probability of slash actually proccing outside of forced ones from the stance, aside of it being +dps too against flesh. i run +slash on my dragon nik riven since it proccs slash even more reliably with 97% physical being slash but channel was just a general dmg multiplier that couldnt really compete. punch through is also a very specific stat and very underrated still, contrary to channel its super strong though as long as its not put on something like ogris... channel worked, yeah, technically...but it wasnt worth the mod slots or riven line tbh. maybe if it comes back in the form of some kind of devil trigger mode then maybe its worth building for but then its a totally different function i guess.
  13. the stat was converted. no riven with channel on it was worth more than 200 plat no matter the other 2 stats and negative unless u urself valued it that high but generally it was a wasted statline, for a reason. without a negative even less valuable. channeling was more fashion than anything. u were able to play it when u didnt want to use lots abilities and didnt have to worry about leeches, but even without that it was just a weak dmg multiplier. i ran a hybrid crit/status scindo prime with channeling back in the days and it didnt even reach the dmg of galatine prime. there was a reason why noone played channel seriously, it was just bad. if u needed a good damage multiplier -> crit and to support it -> status. there was no need for a weak dmg multiplier that drained ur energy so very fast if u had some range on ur build and hit lots of enemies.
  14. its funny how ppl actually didnt care about watching the game awards and only wanted glaxion v....same like listening/watching a musician only for his/her looks instead of the actual music....
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