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  1. this works low level because channeling in the end is only a base dmg increase aside of some channeling mods which are effectively wasted slots. u could as well build for combo counter and not use any combo counter mod aside of +combo dura, same result. there is nothing interesting about it.
  2. i dont see a reason to this thread tbh. i might be wrong but i have the impression that many ppl are uninformed about the reason why rivens exist in the first place, which is not power creep so example like gram prime will surely see a nerf with the melee balance pass/riven dispo pass. theres no point in stating riven nerfs/buffs are unfair since an innately strong weapon ofc shouldnt have a high disposition, like rubico or example and if ppl buy rivens for silly amounts of plat then its their own problem. an overhyped weapon which is also very good by default is sure to see dispo nerfs, more so than others of its type. dont invest 10ks of plat into 1 riven thats screaming at ur face "ill get nerfed !"...there are enough weapons which are underperforming by default but turn out the total opposite with the right rivens and these have a high disposition, which is the whole intention of rivens.
  3. Xydeth

    Frost Rework

    read again. nothing here rates gara's viability in any way. i dont state anywhere that i think shes useless late game and i specifically mentioned her scaling synergy already. i dont know why u dont read my comments first before u reply.....
  4. Xydeth

    Frost Rework

    what about it ? where did i try to negate these facts ? u basically named the differences: frost is mostly defensive. gara more offensive since u cover enemies not just to cc but also to improve ur damage. the walls by far dont last as long as snow globe, their effective health especially per part are much much lower and the most realistic use at a certain point is mentioned covering/dmg buff/scaling for splinter storm. cc is never bad but its not why shes played, if that was the case frost for avalanche would be better, even nova would be better despite not having real hard cc. also, enemies will shoot u naturally so its not like u have to motivate enemies to shoot the globe if u are within or cast it when having aggro. so which part of ur statement is conflicting mine ? if anything its clarifying imo.
  5. Xydeth

    Frost Rework

    gara doesnt exactly do what frost does. maybe if shes played on lower levels the result is the same but her role is more offensive overall. her mass vit is meant to be used to cover enemies and empower her damage, aside of the refresh/scaling synergy with her splinter storm. there are similarities in their kit but their role is different and even tho u can get a similar results with gara on lower levels i would rate her more of an offensive frame than she seems at first. frost is purely defensive aside of low dura high dmg avalanche or ice wave but imo thats not a too viable build after a certain point.
  6. Xydeth

    Frost Rework

    i dont know if its just me but frost is one of the most balanced frames in game with a very clear and unique role to fill imo. even similar frames dont really do his job and especially not as well so i wonder why suggest a rework of such a totally fine frame when there are other really obvious candidates for improvement ? sorry, no offense but imo a totally pointless suggestion.
  7. so true...i gave up trying and settled for the eidolon one...sad tho how many wasted runs went into trying to get that ephe...
  8. right, these are the only factors to determine a great weapon. stat spread isnt even great and riven dispo is 1,3....paris has the same, muta cernos hase 1,35. the only ones lower are lenz with 0,9 and dread 1,2 and cernos 1,15 so thats not really an argument for daikyu over the others. seems like heavy hype and bias to me.
  9. wouldve surprised me considering its by far not the only bow u can use. actually, u can legit use nearly every bow and get supreme results, just a matter of actually trying/doing it instead of hyping.
  10. agree, but changing/removing combo counter will fix slide crit because that on its own doesnt rival the strong combos/stances, its combo builds which make it what it is.
  11. the heat meter on ember needs to be her passive imo, and instead she needs a really synergetic 3 and a good 2. i can see the intention but basically the way her 3 is right now its an alternative option to strip armor, knock enemies around so its CC...but it knocks enemies away from her so her currently planned passive doesnt benefit from gaining distance. her 4 looks good, fitting, nothing really to say about that, but her 2-3 and passive are totally random in my opinion. the heat meter is super good and fitting, but not as a real ability and more like a passive and instead she needs a good 2, which accelerant was, and her 3 needs really benefitial synergy with her heat meter. also the heat meter penalty...losing all energy....that needs to be a fixed cost, like "when the heat meter fills, ember explodes in a high AoE thermonuclear burst, burning anything in the area to dust and leaving lucky survivors under radiation, at the cost of 33% of her total energy." all energy is waaaay to insane even if it was an absolute map nuke, literally, except for exterminate maybe and even 33% of her total energy is a lot, considering it scales dynamically with flow/primed flow for example. accelerant was fine but could as well get modernised to be a bit more, since depsite being good its pretty boring/straight forward. it could as well spread heat proccs to enemies too close to already burning enemies and increase all existing heat procc damage too. the +ability power from her current passive idea could be tied to accelerant -> it grants flat ability power for its duration too, based on the heat meter whilst consuming a portion of it. not too much of a vauban player so ill leave that the experienced ppl, tho i gotta say that i find most of his grenades, especially the speed pad and zip line grenade pretty....useless.
  12. what i really really dont understand though is the cyanex dispo NERF?!?! i expected it to get buffed by at least 0,1 since as a pure status weapon it does have the proccs ofc but lacks damage to really support it, especially since it can not really headshot - projectiles dont seek heads but the body so headshots with cyanex are more accidents than anything. that means its damage potential is innately lower. why nerf its dispo ?! it deserves a buff, even considering the bounce to a 2nd target a nerf is not justified imo.
  13. i wonder why that question though ? ive yet to see a flying tigris prime shooting by itself with an IGN above its barrel.
  14. well, to be quite honest...lv 110 is not really impressive. i myself use lv 130s in the simulacrum for basic judgement and comparing weapons/builds...below lv 120 is just too weak to really stand to most weapon builds we have available right now. even lv 130 are a clean 1 shot from some weapons without any innate armor lowering or even removal or any other help. if u use a combo build then lv 110 is even less relevant.
  15. Xydeth

    -crit chance Bug

    Just wanted to quickly report a UI bug on the Javlok. i use a -crit chance riven which, instead of setting crit chance to 0% and removing the crit multiplier as it usually does sets it to around -9%. in testing it didnt affect the damage in any way, so i guess it really is just visually and issue or for a buff like the adarza, which will "only" give 51%. considering other weapons sit at 0% cc and have their crit multiplier visually removed from the UI i think this is not a supposed result of a -crit chance riven on the javlok.
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