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  1. then dont, but guess what: ur playing an online game with a mouse and keyboard instead of controller so u will de facto click or press buttons a lot. if u choose to play melee 24/7 then of course that involves a lot of use of the corresponding button. theres 0 arguments to be made about that justifying the use of additional software. u use it at ur own risc or u just dont. ur choice.
  2. the issue exists also on the plains and orb vallis and i still suspect its poorly optimized environmental SFX, namely fog/volumetric fog. i stopped playing warframe for now due to my disappointment overshadowing my love for this game, but from what u described i guess the issue isnt solved yet. improving graphics/engine is pretty pointless if optimization doesnt follow suit in my opinion.
  3. sporothrix....i so jumped when i saw the name and then its not the melee i made for the contest back in 2017....oh well i'll think that the name idea at least wasnt in vain and am happy~
  4. So, ive been inactive for some time and missed some updates/fixes so no clue after which point these issues started to occur, but ive been on a bit during the last days and the open world maps so as their hub areas have some real performance issues, at least for me, and they didnt use to. Both with and without the new rendering tech i wanna add so its not the deferred renderings fault i suppose. It sure intensifies the issues but mainly because its a more demanding option. Since im someone who suspects his own system very fast i wanna note that its not. Latest drivers/windows install
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