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  1. Xydeth

    DE now has Serious Competition

    tripple A like cAsh cAsh cAsh...
  2. Xydeth

    Nidus needs a buff

    is this an early april fools ??
  3. Xydeth

    Azima, A.... well its just bad. worse now.

    and drain less ammo. azima is already one of those weapons which gets a lot of its dps/status from the high fire rate more so that high dmg/pojectile which makes the whole ammo economy more of an issue outside of using carrier/mutation. i would even prefer it behaving like a shockwave mine which releases a pulse of radiation shockwaves every second or so in a ~12-15m radius. the circular firing it has right now sounds nice on paper but in practice it hits some targets around it but that actually doesnt matter at all since none of the target at later levels take anywhere close to enough dmg from that spraying of bullets. its more wasted ammo than anything and thats not even talking about the direction issue it can have depending on the terrain. on the plains/orb its not even worth considering the alt fire imo simpy because the landscape makes such straight horizontal shots miss more so than even randomly hitting anything. its totally wasted ammo right now to use the alt fire. if its really supposed to stay like this then it needs to hover like the zenistar disc and have more directional firing points. 8 would sound really strong in theory but in practice it wouldnt be imo, outside of using mag maybe.
  4. i think "easy to grasp" is very subjective. if someone spends some time to actually understand it, yes. if someone think its 5 minutes reading - done! then no, its not. imo its not hard but rather a somewhat "new old player experience" so to say. lots of new stuff and changed old stuff so its a new and renewed experience so to say. there is no rush so take ur time and explore the new content.
  5. Xydeth

    Companion Buff-Link Mod

    ya, dunno why i didnt include them. no reason not to. changed my post so that they actually are.
  6. sure does work out very nicely. i always cringe when i find some parts on skins i cant color since i have very specific colors i choose from always so it sometimes is more hassle to come up with a nice combination just cause some parts are stubborn in terms for color 😛
  7. Xydeth

    Companion Buff-Link Mod

    Just a quick suggestion to make companions more viable in the later stages of the game since they die rather quick and frequent reviving is quite the hassle to be honest, sometimes even a straight issue depending on the situation. hence i would like to suggest the following companion mod: Blessed Link - Grants any enhancing effect the companion's owner receives to the companion aswell with 30% (+15% per rank - 75% at max rank) strenght if applicable. basically, every buff the warframe receives is also granted to the companion but 25% weaker at max rank. if the frame gains 100 armor, the companion gains 75 for example, or instead of +100% dmg its 75% dmg. ofc this only applies to buffs which could affect the companion. in terms of arcanes arcane strike would affect kavats and kubrows but not the moa but arcane percision would affect the moa. increased fire rate on the other hand might be pretty pointless on a kavat so that wouldnt work ofc but would be useful on a sentinel. Greetings~
  8. and shes already nice to look at by default. agree, this skin even enhances it further. very nice work.
  9. already gave my vote yesterday. lovely skin.
  10. 1st thing i did after coming home from work was giving that valky a vote yesterday~ what should i say...ur right, cant be any more sassy~
  11. Xydeth

    Ash "Revisted Revisted" concept

    in my opinion, shortly said: he needs no changes. gameplay wise he feels nice, nothing cluncky or annoying and his strenght shouldnt even be a matter of discussion.
  12. wait...is it christmas again ? did i black out for a whole year ?!
  13. health is always more important immo. get better before anything else ! the next tennogen round will come for sure~ get well and happy new year !
  14. prefer the new ones though opposed to the general opinion as it seems. when more planets get a "remaster" then it will fit better into the corpus areas overall. many textures/tiles are still old. on orb vallis everything is new in that regard, also in style so to say so ofc they fit better there but if the rest gets an update too then they will look great everywhere i think.
  15. Xydeth

    Weapons you hope to get primed next

    daikyu, agree. lacera prime is also something i'd love to see. good weapon which flies low under many ppls radar i think.