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  1. I don't know which level toxin starts to fall off and is outclassed by viral.
  2. The whole twist gets spoiled if a new player catches you go into operator mode.
  3. Prime access comes with 2625 plat and cost $80 dollars. 2100 plat costs $100. Is it against the rules to send my friend Nintendo Switch eShop codes so they can buy prime access and in return give me the plat so I can get the plat cheaper? I already have prime access so I can't buy it again. I mean it's a win win for my friend and me because they get Octavia Prime with weapons for free and I get discounted plat but it's not really a win for DE because they lose 20 bucks which is why I have a suspicion that it might be against the rules.
  4. Looking for an arcane vanguard rhino helm to buy but the only way they could possibly be in the switch version is if someone did an account transfer with one in their inventory. I don't even know if DE let you keep arcane helms when you did an account transfers because they are discontinued items. If any even exist on the switch they are very very rare items. Do you guys know if any exist on the switch version?
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