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  2. Well that's what I did with 2 songs (I still keep the audio) but there is not much to do if we are forced to do this on every songs... I have a link for curious people it took me a couple hours to make (like 5 ?). I have not tested it much yet because I have to pay these stupid 50 plat for instruments and I'm poor. (50 plat is very exaggerated, maybe 10 plat... ggrrrrrr). I have to use the first song I made, it use the default instruments... That song title is DestrockQc 2 https://buff0000n.github.io/mandascore/ [SONG-Omen:AAAAAMDEhAoABQZABBCgAQRIAICMACAnAAQQkAEEcAEgiIAIJhABBIQAQUQAEIkABCZ
  3. I made many songs and some of them are great but once in game, when I try to put cloak or the sprint buff, some time only the cloak work correctly, some time none work. Why ? What the hell is the trick ? I tried with many notes, or few notes, it doesn't help. And the simulacrum is buggy, it's easier in a real mission but even then it seem to be random. Like... probably a bug. This game is NEVER buggy eh you know... 30 min ago I tried a song working perfectly, now I'm trying it again nothing work. wwwttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is very raging ! We are supposed to be follo
  4. Currently it stop at 12. I have 17 unused keys on my mouse and I would like to use at least 5 more lol. These "gear hotkey" keys has to go up to 25 50 or unlimited because we could also put them on our keyboard too not only the mouse.
  5. I manually selected my mic in the options and I can test it, but once in game, my key is set on "V", I push it and speak, nothing happen...
  6. I stopped reading you after this. Why can't we repeat the mirage quest "hidden message" and regain the rewards ?
  7. I just did it and this is 20 min not 10, I don't 2 hits the mobs, so a total of 1h30 hour lost this week. Now, multiply that number with, let's say, 10 000 players... I have no money to waste in mandachords and what is a t-bag ? There is nothing about it on google.
  8. I already knew before making this thread and you guys just keep saying farming simaris rep is easy and we can do the daily cap under 1 hour. It require many days, maybe less than 50 hours but it still take a lot for 75k. Even if YOU find it easy, you still continue saying this is normal and blablabla I have to take a pile and chill and blalabla. This is a very bad way to force your clients to waste their time just because you are too lazy to make a script for them to be able to do the quests again.
  9. You sold the item, now spend 50 hours doing scans because the game studio that made the game you are playing doesn't care about making a script and act as professionals... wow. It was my mistake, I wanted to repair it by doing the quest AGAIN but no, go scan 50 hours ! They can make a change with simaris : only the players that finished the quest can buy the parts and then change the cost to 1 simaris pts. Nuhh that's too hard !
  10. I will never ever buy this from simaris, guess I'm skipping mirage then and I'm skipping one of the best ability in the game. They can send items by in game mails. They have to check every single quest items sold by players, send them back, then make then unable to sell and also refund the parts bought from simaris to players that bought them while their quests were done and finally remove them from simaris. That's what I would do. I'm sure they have all the data.
  11. I sold my mirage when I made my mirage prime and I completely forgot I had to keep her for helminth. Now I have to farm another prime just for that ! Why can't we just do the quest again ? This is for a normal warframe, we can't even trade it. I don't understand.
  12. I found that A and activated the mechanism but no statues spawned ??? Vault Variant A Shooting the reactive crystal above the arch/doorway next to the center of this vault variation (in front of the orb shown in the picture) will reveal breakable statues in the sides of the tile.
  13. I don't care what it was in the past. Right now, I say this is idiot doing it that way and I don't think I'm alone. Are you doing the same things in your life right now as you were doing them 30 years ago ? I hope not, it would mean you learned nothing.
  14. Next year I won't even pick them, this is a waste of time
  15. I have my simulacrum key and yes the x2 seem to be always effective. This is only a UI problem.
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