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  1. Unfortunately, I do not take screenshots in this game. I have bought and sold a lot and never had a problem before. So that means someone bought platinum on this site, then traded it for items and everyone who has this plat, gets negative amount?
  2. I have bought both of the last prime things you can buy, one was 150 and the other 60. Was going to stop playing the game so I gave a guardian, nullifier, elevate, and one or two other max arcanes to some random person. Also gave him like 5 maxed primed mods and some other good mods since I only had 5 trades left. I decided I was going to just collect my log-in everyday and maybe to some bounties here and there. I tried logging in to find out my platinum balance is -931. WTF is this? You give me negative plat for giving away free stuff???
  3. You ever seen that movie "Get Out"? Well, that's how I felt playing this game. I quit and it was like, the best feeling ever, like I just broke free of my bondage. I can finally see the sun again after all these years. Peace
  4. I just got into eidolons and the first one is easy now. I am only using the 2-2-2 amp as that is all I have access to atm but much of an upgrade over 1-1-1. I am looking for best amp for just eidolons only for solo. I have looked it up but see different opinions and no clear answer. I have seen post of bunch of different amps, but I need one best just for solo eidolon fast. Thanks
  5. It's bad when you start looking only at your mini map for red enemies and don't even look at the main screen anymore and just press E. :(
  6. Hello, I am trying to see what I should upgrade on my pc. I built it about a year ago and it works great most of the time. However, playing in SP and lets say I use khora's second ability on lots of enemies and then use proboscis cernos on them, it causes massive fps drops and I am playing on medium settings. Only happens in SP though, everything else is fine. My GPU is EVGA GTX 1070 8GB and CPU Ryzen 5 3600. Only have money to upgrade one so which one should I upgrade first and what should I get? Thanks!
  7. BigBossxv

    Kuva Siphon

    Whenever doing kuva siphon missions while looking at the from a distance, a big black box appears. But it only happens when looking towards the kuva siphon and when I get closer to it or when it is gone, the black boxes never happen again. Does this happen to anyone else? Or, anyone know a fix?
  8. Please do something about the density in non-SP missions. It is very boring playing in a group when there is barely anything to even kill. Especially arbitration missions/survival.
  9. Is there any good frames for killing Grineer in SP? My Octavia kills corpus and infested instantly but takes longer on Grineer. Only thing I have found to kill them quick is MAG kuva nukor and melee but I want a frame that can kill them quickly if any exist. Any suggestions? Looking for a frame that can survive while killing armored enemies quick. Thanks.
  10. Sometimes, not very often, there will be weird black square boxes that will appear in some areas when looking a certain way. Anyone else ever see this? Doesn't happen much and only in certain places. Just wondering if I am the only one.
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