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  1. Any intent on fixing the majour issues with explosive weapons as stated here? https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1159136-major-explosives-bug/
  2. Thank you for adressing this. I suppose this being "unnoticed" has mostly to do with these kind of weapons being pretty unpopular. Speaking about the issue with CO ... it doesnt apply the added Meele Damage on any instance of it being thrown. CO only applies on actual meele hits, same goes for Zenistar. I assume this stems from the glaives and the disc having STATIC stats while they are in the air. The old itteration of CO was functional this way because it actually modified the damage done itself in contrast to it now modifying the "Meele Damage" multiplier. Speaking of glaives, Orvius' core mechanic is currently locked behind actually using a meele combo after which the disc itself still has bad tracking trying to find an enemy to attach to. This is just weired because it used to work seemlessly with dual weiled charged throws.I dont know if these changes were intended or even thought through but in its current state Orvius is straight up unusable.
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