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  1. Dorsal turret station is on the opposite end, it has a rail leading upwards into the ship not down. That station works correctly.
  2. TYPE: In-Game, railjack DESCRIPTION: Shown station sometimes allows the player to exit the railjack, sometimes does not.(edit: likely unintended, as this was the former arsenal location on the RJ). VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Attempting to use the station to exit the railjack. EXPECTED RESULT: Being able to use the station. OBSERVED RESULT: Station not always enabled, does nothing when you cannot exit the railjack through it. REPRODUCTION RATE: Random, unreliable.(Cannot tell what conditions influence it). edit: SUGGESTION: Either being able to use this as a
  3. I agree with the other players who wish not to nerf these abilities just yet. I'd rather see DE change the combat of RJ in a way that makes them less relevant first, or to consider other activities/mission types, rather than just tune down numbers again. Railjack is too bland in its gameplay loop as is, and if people had alternatives (like asteroid mining missions, or missions where you hijack enemy cargo ships etc.) for earning railjack resources that don't come down to spamming some explosive abilities, this issue would not be as big as it seems now.
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