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  1. Thank you for fixing the inability to Mercy downed Hounds problem!
  2. This bug also happened to me since Nidus Prime update. Mercy animation for the hound not playing, instead it's normal hacking one. (Except the hound that appeared with the Sister). The hound and the Sister also become invulnerable sometimes not allowing any Mercy action. Somehow the shield still regenerating and can be damaged, but they stay still on the floor.
  3. TYPE: In-GameDESCRIPTION: Primed Animal Instinct on Sentinel didn't work while on Merulina while some mod (ex: ammo case by carrier) still working properly.VISUAL: N/AREPRODUCTION: Using Yareli's skill Merulina while using sentinel with Primed Animal Instinct mod.EXPECTED RESULT: Primed Animal Instinct works properly when using Metulina, showing it's effect on Mini map.REPRODUCTION RATE: Use any sentinel with Primed Animal Instinct on a mission while Yareli riding Merulina.
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