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  1. Sirabot

    Devstream #109: Scheduled for April 13!

    Looking forward too it!
  2. Sirabot

    Heads up: No PC Update this week!

    Octavia? sigh.
  3. Oh god. he's literally going to turn Ember into a chicken.
  4. Sirabot

    New Items are entering Prime Vault!

    Which causes players to buy more platinum.
  5. Sirabot

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    Yeah, can we have pre launch patch nodes? Or is it just a feature update list? XD
  6. Sirabot

    Warframe Market Overhaul

    90p For 175,000 That's 5 whole US dollars you're asking for a measly 175k that a player can farm in under 3 runs. At 1.75k it would cost $30 USD for a million credits. Time savers and conveniences stops being a convenience when it cost more than my lunch at work. Want people to purchase it? Make it worth it. Want people to try transfusion? People will impulse buy it to avoid farming credits when they need to craft, fuse, etc; but only if it's worth it. Tell me DE, Would any of you legit waste $5 on 175k credits?
  7. Sirabot

    Update 18.14.0 + + 18.14.1

    Creeping Terrify? Really, is that the best you could do SNAKE!? Crippling Terror wouldn't have been more... Accurate? Petrifying Terror, Crippling Terror. Honestly the ability name terrify doesn't leave much to work with. You guys could go the latin route for Terrify Lentius which just means slowly.
  8. Sirabot

    Hotfix 18.13.3

    At this point I'm almost scared of an Ash rework.
  9. Sirabot

    Coming Soon: Devstream #68

    Address this, Clearly. Please.
  10. I gotta say, I'm not angry at DE or anything. Just really disappointed and unmotivated now. I thought games were supposed to be fun? I guess that depends on my expectation of "fun" but I was really kinda hoping Baro would have something (anything) that would break up the monotony of the game after 3 weeks of just pure crap luck in RNG and grinding. I love DE Steve, Rebecca, Geoff and Scott, but Boosters from Baro? That's just depressing. Oh and you too <3 Drew! But not you Sheldon, I blame you for everything.
  11. Sirabot

    Update 18.4.0

    Can't use follow up charge attack on Redeemer anymore. You Fixed it and you broke it. Fancy that.
  12. Sirabot

    Coming Soon: Devstream #67!

    AKLEX PRIME. PLS. I've waited so long.
  13. Sirabot

    Hunting Memory Leaks

    I'll keep an eye on the corner of my screen.