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  1. I wonder how long I will get the last weapon to complete my collection🤔
  2. Complete quest and if you completed war within then liches! Make sure to do the main quest first tho. That will be addicting, and them maybe complete star chart to unlock arbitration for Grendel... And you grind for other things...
  3. Virtuous fury and get volt... Also Madurai and unairu to stack damage.
  4. What if we came to the tau system after the invasion, and what if duviri was a dream... Or another system... After the destruction of the sentients we go there, from seeing a dream...(wtf I don't make sense)
  5. This is the lore of Warframe. There are a lot of theories to be made.
  6. Why bother even buying? It's not that good of a deal. Let's see if DE will increase the rep price to 100k standing.
  7. I died about 2 times when meeting my 1 ever lich and he was rank and I was alone... But then an Octavia came by and I don't know what he/she did... Had to heal lots of time.😂
  8. I don't care if it is bad plat or not I will contact support if ai ever get one.But yes it is annoying when the people who didn't do anything get banned. Those rats are annoying.
  9. People who say that are just people who wants to undercut you. And don't want to go through the Hassel of buying through there since the traders usually won't say a thing to tell you that they are available.
  10. Oh yeah well I'm just looking for an easier way to past the test.
  11. Maybe a server problem? Have you tried contacting support?
  12. Limbo it is, cause I don't have any other one that is useful.
  13. The bugs you have listed is new at least some of it and bugs take a considerable amount of time to fix. And I do agree cause some older bugs are still in the game. And they are developing new war which makes it harder to focus on fixing the bugs, and maybe it's buggy as hell.(I don't make sense)
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