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  1. Playing on PC nowadays, had MR 18 on the PSN account, stopped playing around the time the doggos came out. And if you read the bug reports, yes, the quest line is still very bugged. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/The_War_Within#Bugs For some reason, you can't migrate the forum account to what you are actually actively playing on btw.
  2. Kk, a bit peeved update. No, it is not enough that you unlock the operator, you also need to finish the War Within, which appears to be rather buggy. Holy smokes at those bugged void jumps at a certain section, and ended up having certain queens, not firing. Seriously, this information should be in the market with a warning. EDIT: Just noted, this s now fixed, thank you team! :)
  3. K, update, was a bit peeved. It also require you to finish the War Within questline, after unlocking your operator. And, pardon my french, holy smokes this questline is bugged, as heck. So, spend plat, need to unlock the solar system, and run a very bugged end quest to be able to run your 'Mek. This should really be posted on the market as usefull information.
  4. The plat can meanwhile be spent better elsewhere, and you can't use it until you finish the operator questline. This is not mentioned anywhere.
  5. Yeah, that is what I thought, thanks guys. And constructive criticism, you shouldn't be able to buy things that you can't use, because they are locked behind something more.
  6. Do you need to also finish the quest for the operator mode, or no? :o
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