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  1. I just want to start by saying overall i love this mainline update and it has me grinding out the new content with my clannmates and friends!!! However there is something that i was not expecting, nor do i feel alot of melee loving players expected as well. I was all for this melee update. However i didn't realize that mobility in combat would be completely killed. In combat I tend to prefer to use melee only in my loadout while playing solo or with friends. Currently it feels like melee combat is broken movement wise. I can no longer dance around hordes and pull off combos, It now locks you into brickish movement while doing any combo, and instead rewards you for only striking once or twice then running off. It litearlly feels like i can kill more enemies faster with single strikes then engaging in combos. I hope this is looked at. I never liked spin to win type melees, however i dont understand why every melee weapons mobility has to suffer as a consequence. Overall this update is amazing, the new gameplay is unique and certainly refreshing. However melee needs a second look. Thank you for your hard work DE
  2. Haha, luckily i havent needed a ram upgrade in quiet a while(32 gigs) However my buddies been running 2 4 gig sticks, one gave out and suddenly he couldnt access fortuna or vallis. I sent him an old 8 gig stick, and hes been up and running with no issues. I hope you issue improves and if you need help pm me!
  3. To anyone struggling with the open world aspects of warframe. My buddy had this exact same problem, and it turns out he was trying to do the open world aspects with 4 gigs of ram. With 4 gigs currently you can run warframe on most areas, although your mission load time and such will be pretty long. I upgraded him with a 8 gig stick, and hes currently up to 12 gigs. No more 32 bit mode (which helps users with small amounts of ram) He can perfectly play vallis, plains of eidolon, etc. So before any of you give up on warframe, take a look at what you computer is capable of for ram, what its currently running, and you may find something you can do besides a full out upgrade if you cant afford one. remember ALOT of problems on warframe come from Lack Of ram. You'll have outdated videocards and machines yes, but alot of tenno ive run across can fix alot of their issues (even with 64 bit launcher,) simply by increasing your ram
  4. Clan name = XBAMFX Clan tier = GHOST Clan platform = PC Your Clan role = Founding Warlord Clan Tour Video Extra video of the exterior of the ship shown in the above video
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