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  1. drft240

    Update 17.12.0

    The deluxe skins being made permanent is a really weak move DE. You sold them as a time limited premium item so people rushed to buy them and now you make them permanent? So will all time limited and exclusive skins be released?
  2. drft240

    Psa: Baro Ki'teer Ducat Value Changes

    I think the Excal rework was actually one of the better things this year. The new Ult is cool and fun, but I wish they would fix it so channeling effects were free since you are literally channeling your energy constantly into a blade.
  3. drft240

    Psa: Baro Ki'teer Ducat Value Changes

    Ah, so they just don't want it to feel like it. Is that why Catbrow is coming so it feels like a big furry wall, that will be super grindy underneath? So the quality improvement would be like throwing shag carpet on a rough granite wall? Hmmm..... this makes me sad.
  4. drft240

    Psa: Baro Ki'teer Ducat Value Changes

    I know, but Sheldon said that in a Dev stream and they have mentioned periodically that they would like it to be less grindy. I hope they eventually do what they say, I mean it is the "Year of Quality". I could see less grindy as a quality of life improvement, we are already in Q3 though (maybe they have a weird fiscal year they are going by and forgot to mention it). Edit: fixed typo
  5. drft240

    Psa: Baro Ki'teer Ducat Value Changes

    Are there going to be any drops in Ducat prices of Baro's items? They just seem to be going up each time he visits, why not have set pricing tiers? That way it would be easier to plan for and lower prices mean less burnout to obtain(which I thought was a Sheldon goal).
  6. drft240

    Psa: Update 16.10 Eta Thursday!

    Everyone asking on the versions, software versions don't count up like that. The numbers are not decimals, they are a separate count. You could have 16.23.0 or 16.23.500. Also 16.10 =/= 16.1. That is 16.ten and 16.one.
  7. Maybe some other page I will be last
  8. Another post, that's what this is.
  9. I want free stuff and love the page 1 archer reference.
  10. drft240

    Update 16.9.0

    No new alt helm. Plus why can't the prisma helmets be skins? I want to continue using my arcane pendragon but with new prisma sexiness.
  11. drft240

    Devstream 49 Overview

    What I am saying is that if start trying to apply real world logic to the abilities such as what the line of sight changes are doing then you should have to apply it to everything which would leave us with no game. The powers are realistic in the fantasy world that Warframe exists in, which is why they should not try to apply the limitations of the real world on it. Why should magic swords that materialize out of thin air be blocked by any kind of cover or ignore people that are unaware of them? Why should a magic flashbang be blocked by cover? Why should any of the abilities that are impossible in the real world have real world limits put on them? I think the fact that they are real in the fantasy world of the game means that our real world limits should not apply, because if they did essentially every power in the game as well as a good portion of the weapons could not exist. You can't apply partial logic to illogical things without breaking them or fundamentally changing them.